Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hopscotch and Smiles

I’m trying to blog more on a daily basis instead of my historical “event” basis. I really can’t remember what goes on from one day to the next as they all run together!

The past few days have been cool at night, but the days have been beautiful. We went outside this morning with Blair’s hopscotch game she got for Christmas. “Mama, where is my number and letter thing that you put together that I got for Christmas?” Whaaaat? Who did you get it from? “You. It was wrapped in pink paper.” Well I’m glad she remembers things!

hopscotch and smiles 012413 (5)hopscotch and smiles 012413 (22)

So I had to look up how to play hopscotch. And I thought it was a super easy game. Notsomuch -- at least for this almost 35 year old mama. The rules said not to step on the borders, but my feet barely fit on these tiles she got, so that’s a bit hard to do for big mama’s feet! Much less the whole jumping on one foot. I did take some pictures of Blair. I’ll spare you what I looked like playing!

(We have a pebble drive and didn’t have concrete until recently. Now that we have it in the carport, the tiles are pretty much unnecessary, but I got them forever ago on clearance. :) )

hopscotch and smiles 012413 (44)hopscotch and smiles 012413 (67)

hopscotch and smiles 012413 (7)hopscotch and smiles 012413 (17)

Two hams.

hopscotch and smiles 012413 (39)

Leighton loves outside and played while mama looked silly on one foot (falling over).

hopscotch and smiles 012413 (32)

Gus got plenty of love just like he does every other day. He wore that bracelet for several hours. Bless him.

hopscotch and smiles 012413 (80)

We let the chickens out for a little bit while we were outside. The only problem though is that they weren’t smart enough to get back in. I had to let two sleep in the woods because I couldn’t get them. And one of them was gone the next morning. We have a major chicken predator around here.

hopscotch and smiles 012413 (97)

We have loads of eggs lately. Blair loves collecting them.

hopscotch and smiles 012413 (107)

Blair celebrated peanut butter day with her usual lunch: a PB&J. Not cooked this time but cut “this way and this way” (in 4 squares).

My smiles for today:

B- Mama, can we go for a walk?


B- Can we call Aunt Kimmie to go with us?

Baby, she’s at school today.

B- Why?

She’s studying chemistry.

B- Chemistry? Like Kimmie?

Yes. They sound alike.

B- Can I call her Aunt Chemistry?


Mama, I took some pictures of Gus. He’s in your room cause I was taking his picture. Come look at the pictures. She puts imaginary pictures on my leg. See? Look at this one; it’s so preeeetty. Flips imaginary picture. Look mama, isn’t this one so cute?! And on…

And later I discovered the “studio:”

hopscotch and smiles 012413 (111)She got these out all by herself.

Busy day as usual around here!