Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dreams of a 4 Year Old

Blair usually comes and gets in the bed with me in the morning while her daddy gets ready for work. I like to watch about 15 minutes of news in the morning just so I’m part of the world. She usually won’t be still, but this morning, she let me love on her a little bit. I didn’t even turn the tv on because she was actually not as busy as usual.

IMG_0158Typical morning with Blair teaching Leighton how to play something or trying to get him to watch a video while giving him emphatic “NO’s” in hopes he’ll stop trying to grab the phone. It doesn’t work.

IMG_0154IMG_0160And this happens too. Bless him.

She’s so talky and smiley in the mornings. She wakes up at 100%, crashes for a nap, and goes 100% until bedtime.

IMG_0211One morning in Blair’s room while Brad was sick.

This morning, as she lay on my pillow, she asked me when she was going to Grandmom’s (we had planned for her to go play today). And then with smiling excitement in her voice for the first time she told me about a dream:

“Last night, when I closed my eyes, I saw Grandmom!! She was going over Gigi’s kadoonk!” (The kadoonk is the cattle gap.)

And she went on:

“Last week I saw your car, and it was broken! Why did you get a new car?!”

It also certainly made me hope that she’s not having bad dreams about our wreck. She didn’t seem to be worried about it; she said it in her “why are you so silly?” voice.


But I just loved the way she explained the dream… “when I closed my eyes I saw….” The whole thing made me smile -- how she’s learning and growing up so fast. I want to always remember these moments, but I find that even now I look back on this blog at things I have no memory of. I’m so thankful that I have them here!


Candi James said...
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Candi James said...

This is a forever treasure that you can always come back to and remember all of experiences. I just love the way she plays with Leighton.