Sunday, January 6, 2013

Disney Day 3 Morning: Magic Kingdom

Our first full day at Magic Kingdom was a blast!

MK morning 121112 063

We arrived with perfect timing to get a good spot to see the welcome show at Magic Kingdom. It was too cute! Blair loved it; she was so into the characters by this point!

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Mapping out our entire day did not make much sense since we didn’t know what Blair was going to like the most, and Brad would surely buck such a thing anyway! However, I had somewhat of a plan for the beginning of our day so that we could do the newest things without too much of a wait… ideally.

But when we got in the park, Brad had to use the restroom. And Blair had to use the restroom. So we got to Belle’s Enchanted Tales to find a 70 minute wait. I had a small meltdown right then and there. Then I got over it and we moved on.

We rode Ariel’s new ride, which I think Leighton liked more than Blair did. She wanted to know when all of the indoor rides were going to be over as soon as she got on! We don’t know if it was her hearing, her attention span, or a little OCD!

MK morning 121112 073

We went up to Dumbo and and Barnstormer, and it was all over from there. Blair could only think of the Barnstormer for the rest of the trip.

MK morning 121112 086.JPG cropMK morning 121112 096

We rode it a few times and went back down for our Fastpass time to Peter Pan. Then we did It’s a Small World.

MK morning 121112 098

After Peter Pan and It’s a Small World, we pretty much decided that the indoor rides were not for Blair. Leighton, however, was mesmerized. It was so nice to be able to take him on most all of the rides Blair could ride.

We took a quick go ‘round on the carousel, which she loved! Wow, we could have saved a lot of money and just gone to Six Flags or the mall!

MK morning 121112 101MK morning 121112 113

She loved the characters though. I had not intended on standing in line to meet characters, but that’s what Blair wanted to do, so we did!

We met Pooh and Tigger…

MK morning 121112 137

…and Pluto once again before we headed out for rest time.

MK morning 121112 148 MK morning 121112 140


Candi James said...

A great time! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of her on the carousel!!!