Monday, January 28, 2013

Disney Day 3 Evening: Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

After rest time, we headed back out to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. I had hoped to be there around 4, but our morning ran long. And then there’s naptime in a one-room hotel room. Blair wanted to jaw it up with everyone in her view instead of sleep! We didn’t get there until after 6, but it was really perfect timing.

We entered and got in line to see the Princesses right off. Blair was surprisingly very into the princesses. I’ve tried to get her – begged really – to watch Disney movies, but she has not really ever wanted to and has never really been a princess fanatic (and I’m not complaining!). But she loved meeting them and continues to talk about them now.

MVMCP 121112 001MVMCP 121112 007

Cinderella was the first of the three princesses. She was just beautiful. Her teeth were amazing! And she loved Leighton. She held him and talked to him… and then told us we could leave! Princess Aurora actually came and got us because Cinderella was holding up the line talking to my kids. So sweet.

MVMCP 121112 011MVMCP 121112 028MVMCP 121112 015

She got Tangled for Christmas and has actually watched it in the car twice!

MVMCP 121112 027

The princes make an appearance for the Christmas party, but we didn’t stick around for them.

We did see Mickey and Minnie together!

MVMCP 121112 036

It was snowing on Main Street, and Blair thought that was neat!

MVMCP 121112 041

Plans just didn’t go for this trip. And that’s not a bad thing. I’m just glad we did what Blair wanted to do! That being said, I had thought we might try Adventureland first thing, but Blair wanted to go back to the roller coaster. So the roller coaster we did! Again and again. Overall the lines for our trip were minimal. During MVMCP, they were even better.

Then we took a spin on the carousel… and Blair threw up in the bushes! Ooops. She’s not a stranger to throwing up, but I guess we let her go around a few too many times!

We took a rest by going to see the characters at the Storybook circus.

MVMCP 121112 062

Then, the line for Belle’s Enchanted Show was non-existent, so we got to see Belle after all! It was so cute, but Blair still didn’t feel right, so she didn’t play a part.

MVMCP 121112 067MVMCP 121112 073

But where did she want to go next? Yep, the roller coaster. By the time we rode the roller coaster a few more times and got some supper, it was time for the late parade.

We made our way back to the entrance to watch. The Magic Kingdom was beautifully decorated.

MVMCP 121112 078MVMCP 121112 082

MVMCP 121112 090Blair entertaining her brother by wiggling his blanket in his face. He was laughing so hard.

Blair loved the parade. We had a perfect spot. And the reading I did that said the late parade was better was right on. My research also told me to get next to the Town Square Theater. Juuuuust right!

MVMCP 121112 096

She was so excited to see her favorites: Minnie & Mickey, Donald & Daisy, and Chip & Dale.

MVMCP 121112 100MVMCP 121112 108MVMCP 121112 115

I’m glad I don’t have to wear a soldier suit!

MVMCP 121112 022 (2)

Blair waved and waved. It really is priceless to see her faces.

MVMCP 121112 024 (2)

And that was the end of our first Magic Kingdom day! Whew!