Saturday, January 26, 2013

Daddy’s Hat and the Blanket Hoarder

Today was another beautiful day in which we spent a lot of time outside. I went for a walk/run. I’m trying to get past week two of couch to 5K. How pitiful is that? I have never ever ever in my life liked to run. I played basketball and ran track (our coach made us if we played softball or bastketball), but I hated running. But I’m trying to like it. I feel like if I get past one point that it will be easier.

Blair is so cute about it. I’ve been talking to her about exercising and eating healthy. She asks to go on a walk and talks about my phone telling me to run. She wanted to exercise today so I let her get out of the stroller and walk the last block. Then we headed right back out with her on her bicycle.

Mr. Leighton loves riding in the stroller. He’s just a smiley thing in general. Here he is with some of his favorite toys.

sitting better 012613 (1)

Blair has another cold. We had a little bit of a break after being sick off and on from October to December. We pulled out the oxygen today for her nap, but she’s feeling pretty good and not running fever.

She’s a blanket junkie. I fold those blankets and all 10+ of them will be unfolded in the next breath. And she didn’t like that fuzzy blue one until I started letting Leighton use it. And now you see who has it.

another cold blanket hoarder 012613 (4)

One thing Leighton loves about his daddy is his hat. When Brad comes home from work, the first thing Leighton does is reach for that hat.

daddy's hat 012613 (2)

He usually gets it off, and it goes straight to his mouth. Yuck.

daddy's hat 012613 (3)daddy's hat 012613 (6)

It will probably be a long night fighting the pulse oximeter. Blair puts her oxygen on and knows she needs it, but she takes it off in her sleep… But I’m glad we get to care for her here at home. We pray that this is the worst we’ll deal with this cold/flu season.