Monday, January 21, 2013

Celebrating with Solids (Baby Led Weaning)

We celebrated 6 months this Sunday by starting giving Leighton some real food!

My sister did baby led weaning with her daughter, and it looked like the thing to try with Leighton. I made Blair’s baby food for the longest time, but I don’t think BLW would have worked for her anyway since she is (still!) the gag and throw up queen! But with Leighton I’m glad Lin showed me what to do because I think he’ll do great! It’s so easy and convenient. And my niece has been the best eater!

We tried an avocado first, and he did pretty good. He made faces, but he played with it.

six months and avocado 012013 028six months and avocado 012013 039six months and avocado 012013 045six months and avocado 012013 049six months and avocado 012013 051six months and avocado 012013 053

And then we had a bath!

six months and avocado 012013 066

Since Sunday, he’s also had banana and sweet potato. I think he likes the sweet potato the best.

starting solids 012213 (17)sweet potatoes 012413 (13)sweet potatoes 012413 (15)

He’s still very timid about eating (really doesn’t look that way from the pics, huh?!), but it’s no rush! He’ll get the hang of it before I’m ready for him too I’m sure!


Candi James said...

I have never heard of that....BLW.
He is about the cutest lil' boy ever. He looks bigger than 6 months to me! You are such a good mama!!!