Monday, January 7, 2013

Big Week, Big Boy

This week Leighton has gone from totally off balance and all of a sudden semi-sitting. He’s still unsteady and needs something on the side for support, but he’ll be upright in no time.

semi-sitting and all fours 010613 (8)He did a face plant right after I took this. Bless him.

And really even before he was sitting he was beginning to do this:

semi-sitting and all fours 010613 (12)

Before the last two days, he had only done a couple of times, but now he is practicing a lot. Breaks. My. Heart. that he will be mobile before we know it. He’s just 5 1/2 months old! He’s always preferred his tummy though, so I guess I should have known it was coming!

semi-sitting and all fours 010613 (29)

But he’s so proud.


Candi James said...

Wow! HE is growing up a storm!!! Your children have the biggest and prettiest eyes!!!! I know you love him to pieces!

AA said...

That smile!!! Love!!