Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nutter Butter Santa Cookies

Blair’s dance party was this week, and we had to send treats for each student in her class, and I wanted to do something cute. My mom came to visit over the weekend, so we got busy! These work well with two people. Otherwise it would have taken me all day!

I melted a bag of Ghirardelli white chocolate chips with about 1/2 tablespoon of Crisco. We dipped one end of the cookie in the chocolate and sprinkled it with red sugar while wet, leaving some white for the hat rim. The sugar works better with the sifter top off so that it pours. We poured the sugar over wax paper so that we could put the extra sugar back into the bottle.

Before the chocolate dried, we took a white chocolate chip and added it to one side for the ball on the hat. For each one, I touched the flat part of the chip to the back of the cookie to get a little melted chocolate on it so that it would stick to the sugar well.

We placed them on a wire rack and set them aside to dry.

santa cookies (1)santa cookies (2)

I melted another bag of white chocolate chips and dipped the bottom half of the cookie for Santa’s beard. I dipped them so that there was a curve around the face.

Then we used a wooden skewer to dab white chocolate onto the cookie for the eyes and nose. We used candy ball eyes and red hot noses. I had the red hots on hand, but next time I’ll use red mini M&Ms. The red hot taste doesn’t go with the cookie to me.

santa cookies (3)

The cookies are oh so precious and yum yummy too!

And Blair ended up running fever and not being able to go (story of our life since October!), so we are now enjoying these cute Santas at home!


Unknown said...

Ash, those are really cool! Your Uncle Johnny would love those!!