Thursday, December 20, 2012

Leighton is 5 months old.

(Insert frowny face.) In a blink I’ll have a toddler instead of a baby!

leighton 5 months (31)


This month has been fun. You are just the best little baby. We started out a little fussy at times, especially when we were figuring each other out, but the last few months have been amazing. You’re so good and happy. I want to squeeze you to pieces when you smile at me. I just love it.

leighton 5 months (21)

exersaucer 120712 (3)

I take you everywhere with us, and everyone just loves you. You went to the Farm Bureau Convention at the beginning of this month, and my friends toted you around while I was busy selling raffle tickets. You didn’t mind at all!

FB convention (3)FB convention (5)

And Blair loves you. And you love her. You laugh and smile for her better than anyone. All she has to do is look at you and smile, and you start laughing! And now she says, “Hey pretty boy!” over and over and over! Sounds like she’s talking to a bird!

leighton 5 months (6)

You are wearing 6 months clothes and some 9 month sleepers. They’re a little long though. You weigh about 15 1/2 pounds. You are pushing up good on your tummy, and you still sleep on your tummy. When you’re going to sleep you pretty much suck your sheet. (Better than fingers!) There’s usually a huge wet spot under your mouth by the time you drift off. You still like your fingers, but you don’t suck them with any consistency.

sweet boy 112912 (3)leighton 18 weeks with faegan 112312 (13)

You found your voice and your feet this month. You started talking up a storm a few weeks ago and haven’t stopped. You love playing on the floor, and your favorite toy is a little crinkly zoo book and the frog on the car seat. You say “buh” and have blown some small raspberries but you don’t do long ones. You’re still learning about those feet!

happy babies 121612 (18)

You aren’t really trying to sit up at all yet, but you can scoot a little when on your tummy. You’ve fallen asleep several times on your play mat.

We’re not too strict around here, but here’s a rough schedule (when I’m not dragging you around to run errands):

  • 7am – wake and nurse
  • Play and go back down for a nap around 8:30
  • 10am – wake up and nurse
  • sometimes you take a cat nap when we walk around the block, or you might nap from 11:30 – 1pm or 2pm
  • 1pm or 2pm – nurse
  • you’ll take a short nap once more before bath and bedtime around 6:30! And you let everyone know it’s bedtime.

You pretty much nap after being awake for an hour and a half. I nurse you to sleep at night less often now. You are so good at putting yourself to sleep in your bed.

bleighton and gus 112712 (26)Everyone in our house loves you.

babies and their dogs 113012 (17)You love Gus. You’ll have to fight your sister for him. Mommy already lost her battle. :)

You had your first Thanksgiving this month, and then you went Black Friday shopping! We didn’t get all crazy though. We got up around 4:00am or so.

thanksgiving 2012 (10)Mimi finally met you at Thanksgiving. You love her.

thanksgiving 2012 (11)thanksgiving 2012 (44)

In addition to Jekyll Island, you also went to Walt Disney World this month! You were perfect. You loved some of the indoor rides more than Blair did.

almost 5 months 121812 (2)

When we got back from Disney, Daddy got a cold. Then Blair got it, and since she is basically in your face all day, you got it too. You ran fever one night, but you have just been stopped up a little since then. You’re such a trooper and have smiled through it all. This is the third day, and you’re already feeling better.

outside 121512 (1)

You have been so much fun. I’m so glad you and I get to spend time together like I had with Blair. You are such a little joy.

We love you!