Friday, December 7, 2012

Fall Wrapup

We have been busy busy this fall. Thankfully our cotton is in, and we are on to winter produce – lots of it. The babies are doing great and loving each other to pieces. I’m going to enjoy it now, because I know they will be beating each other up before too long!

Mr. Leighton, at 20 weeks or 4 1/2 months, weighs about 15 pounds. As of Wednesday 12/28 (just over 4 months old) he talks continuously. It seems like on that day he discovered he could make more than just a coo here and there, so now he has full on one-sided conversations with most anything. On our Farm Bureau trip, he oohed and ahed over the Walgreens sign and Exit signs as if they were the most beautiful things he’d ever seen. He was so mesmerized by them and made his mouth into a perfect little circle to coo his heart out at them. It’s the sweetest sound in the morning to hear him talking in his bed.

smiley 120712 (4)

Leighton is a good sleeper, putting himself to sleep for naps and bedtime. But he gets ready for bed around 6:30pm, and he better be able to lie down, or we will hear about it right quick!

outside 121512 (6)

He laughs at Blair. All she has to do is smile at him, and he belly laughs. It’s so cute how much he loves her already. Of course, everyone loves Blair. She’s infectious.

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And the girl can cook. With minimal help, she can make her own PB&J (cooked) and her own cheese quesadilla, and she’s learning how to make an omelet. (I promise there is plenty of supervision. She’s been sitting on the counter helping me for 3+ years, so she’s got a little experience.)

the girl can cook 121412 (1)the girl can cook 121412 (2)

Speaking of Blair… She’s always cracking us up about something. The girls in the grocery store love how she swipes my debit card. She says, “I wanna do debit.” And you know, there’s debit and “crebit.”

The side of our tub has become a Subway sandwich station. She wants to know what kind of sandwich to make for everyone. She pretends to make it, and we all have to have vinegar because that gives her an excuse to squirt water onto the side of the tub (and the floor) with her rubber ducky.

thanksgiving 2012 (53)

We still have “little puppy” living with us. She tells us what to say to the little puppy. It’s usually “don’t…, little puppy” or “come ‘ere, little puppy.” She makes up a lot of stuff.

thanksgiving 2012 (71)

Brad calls me Hun a good bit. The other day, Blair called out, “Hey, Huh!?” when I was in another room. I heard her and immediately knew that was me… just like Brad would call me! She’s done it several times since, and I think it’s too cute! She also calls Leighton “chickadee,” which is what I call her.

four months old 112012 (4)

We’ve had a great fall. I feel like since October we’ve spent all of our time being either out of town or sick, but thankfully Blair is tolerating colds a lot better these days. We still have to pull out the oxygen, but overall it’s not nearly as scary as it has been in the past!

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Looking forward to some cooler weather and no gnats!!

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