Friday, December 28, 2012

Disney Day 2: Animal Kingdom and Tusker House

Our second Disney day began with a bus trip to Animal Kingdom. We got there just as the park opened at 8am. Our Tusker House reservation was at 8:25, which was perfect. There was a heavy fog, so our breakfast gave us something to do while the fog lifted. Before eating, I grabbed Fastpasses to the Kilamanjaro Safari, and by the time we were done the fog was gone, and we walked right onto the safari with no wait!

We began with a picture with Donald the Duck.

animal kingdom 121012 014

As we sat down, the characters were already making their way around. Daisy came by first. Blair was beside herself! She was so proud of finding a page in her little autograph book for Daisy to sign.

animal kingdom 121012 019animal kingdom 121012 020animal kingdom 121012 021animal kingdom 121012 022

Goofy was next, and she was a tad scared of him at first. He’s BIG! She warmed right up to him though.

animal kingdom 121012 037

We also saw Mickey.

animal kingdom 121012 033

All the characters were very sweet to the kids. Blair was loving the attention.

The breakfast was delicious. I loved the more original things on the buffet like sweet plantains and banana bread pudding with vanilla sauce. They also had anything else one could ever want for breakfast: fritatas, hash, sweet grits (???), bacon, sausage, Mickey waffles, fruit, cereal, pastries, ham, quiche, and more.

animal kingdom 121012 043animal kingdom 121012 044

I had to take Blair to the potty towards the end of our meal, and she was sure to tell Brad and Aunt Kimmie that if anyone came by that they should sign her book. So Daisy signed it again!

Next, we did the safari. Very neat. The enclosures are so integrated into the land that they are hard to see! Blair did the photography.

animal kingdom 121012 074animal kingdom 121012 081animal kingdom 121012 104

We rode the train to the behind the scenes discovery area. We really could have skipped the whole thing. It was pretty neat, but Blair would have enjoyed more time in Dinoland.

animal kingdom 121012 128We met Rafiki!

animal kingdom 121012 137

Next, we met several characters. Minnie was first, and Blair was so excited.

animal kingdom 121012 140animal kingdom 121012 147animal kingdom 121012 155

Leighton was such a good sport.

animal kingdom 121012 162

We also met Chip and Dale. They were so cute!

animal kingdom 121012 168

Next, we went to the Lion King show. It was really cute. It lasted about 30 minutes, and to be honest Leighton liked it more than Blair did. I don’t know if it was loud for her or what, but she would NOT be still. Very cute show though!

animal kingdom 121012 176animal kingdom 121012 184

Since we had a huge breakfast, I packed sandwiches for lunch. We snacked on those and pushed through to the afternoon. After Lion King, Blair and her daddy went to the boneyard. She loved that. Then she rode her first ride – the dinosaurs.

animal kingdom 121012 190

By then, it started sprinkling, and we were exhausted. We caught the bus back to the hotel, and we had one tired little one!

animal kingdom 121012 194

That night we took it easy at the hotel. A much needed break after the first day!