Friday, December 28, 2012

Burnt hair and Next ‘Morrow – the things Blair says.

These are notes I took over October and November. I tell you, it’s getting harder and harder to keep up with all the stuff Blair says. She’s constantly saying something that deserves to be remembered!

babies and their dogs 113012 (7)

“Teach me how to spell…” Over the two months, Blair’s writing has TAKEN OFF. She wants to write every list I make. Instead of “tell me…” she says “teach me how to spell” something. And most of the time, it’s legible.

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“Ask me something I don’t know.” She wants us to tell her new things. She told me, “Oranges grow on trees, and daddy told me that, but I knowed it. Tell me something I don’t know.” We talk about everything. 50 states, where things grow, animals, anything I can think of. And then Blair wants to tell us something we don’t know. She goes on and on, and then asks, “Did you know that?!” And when we tell her no, she says, “do you know it now?!”

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After giving Leighton a bath, she told me his hair was “a little burnt.” She was referring to the dark color of it while it was wet. She has experience with the color burnt, because her mama burns stuff all the time.

take a pictures of me and leighton 110112 (4)

And I have an extra mom these days. On the way to Gigi’s for Thanksgiving Blair exclaims, “Did you get the peas?!” Then she told me that when we get close to the “wiggling sign” (the lighted sign at the fairgrounds) “we’ll be at gigi’s in just a minute.”

thanksgiving 2012 (71)

During supper, she’ll ask how many more bites she has to eat. And she wants a concrete answer. Brad told her “several” and she asked, “Can you count to several when you give ‘em to me?”

She asked if we were going to wash Gus’s paws, his magic, and his “whoa sir” during his bath. “Whoa sir” is Brad’s way of saying something Gus shouldn’t do. Just one of the silly games he plays with her!

thanksgiving 2012 (63)

The little thinker counts with her fingers from thumb, pointer, pinky, tall man, and finally ring man. I’m guessing she figured out that if she pulled her pinky up first, the ring man and tall man would come up easier.

thanksgiving 2012 (79)She loves her cousin Faegan.

She likes to play with the rubber mulch in the play area. She calls it the “soft stuff.” Now though, it’s turned into “dollars” and “change.” She says, “How many dollars do you want? How much change?” And she’ll count them out and slide them down the slide to me.

blair 111112 (4)Bless Gus’ heart. She’s pulling him all over the yard. With the baby monitor on her shirt.

When I tell her we can do something tomorrow, she never forgets. The next day she’ll ask, “Is today tomorrow?” So sweet. Or if it’s further in the future, she’ll talk about “next morrow.”

blair 111112 (27)

This dishwasher is wearing me out! (????)

Questions galore: What time is it? How many hours…? How many inches? How tall am I (as she gets on the scale)? I’m gon’ measure you.

Her Subway of choice: white bread with bacon, “sprinkle” cheese, “light blue mayonnaise,” and jelly. Yum.

home 100812 (13)

She still talks about the moon “coming with us” places. I love it. Makes my heart smile.

at the playground 102812 (13)

In The Gap, she pointed to an Asian woman shopping next to us and asked, “Mama does she do toenails?”

She still asks, “What am I DOin’?” in the midst of having a great time playing.

making her own waffles and fishing 111312 (11)

She knows how to tease and joke. I think this is really good for her since she has hearing loss. This is on the way home from the grocery store where we got a few things. Brad had asked us to get some Diet Coke:

I’m gon’ tell Dada that we did NOT get him any cokes.


I’m gon’ be silly with Dada! … And he’s gon’ say, ‘Blair, why did you not get me any coca cokes?!’ (The best thing is that this is exactly what he would say, and she said this in a funny voice just like Brad does.)

Every single time she pours a pediasure in her cup, she says, “It’s gon’ get all the way full like this? Is it gon’ get full?” And of course it never does. I don’t know if she teasing or not!

making her own waffles and fishing 111312 (4)Making waffles. And a mess!

She schools me at matching. She remembers pieces that were turned over first in the game after we’ve been playing for 15 minutes!

She swipes the tubing from my breast pump and puts them sticking out of the drawer in her room.

breast pump tubing 111212 (1)

While I was cleaning the kitchen, she got Gus, put him up in my bed, and leashed him to the bedside table. She was so proud. And she knows he’s not allowed on any furniture!

he's my dog 111212 (9)She has started getting a little anxious when she doesn’t know where Gus is outside. She loves him so much.

I cannot count how many times she tells me “Mama, this is NOT trash” after spotting something I threw away in one of the trash cans in the house.

she's four 102812 (166)

She wants to know how to spell everything. And she sounds out words all the time. We were doing an ABC puzzle, and since she knows the letters, I told her that we were going to think of words that started with each letter. We got to “U.” I said umbrella and up and asked her how to spell up.

B: (Saying sounds) “P-U?” 

Me: Up is u-p.

B: Like UPS? Like the UPS man?

playing with mama and sick 101512 (4)This is “the look” where she says there are “two mamas and two dadas.”

new bike! 102112 (4)Riding her new bike!

she's four 102812 (94)

To be continued for December. Including the part about talking about a doctor’s underwear… right in front of him.


Mamie said...

I love reading these. And that picture with her crossed eyes made me hurt from laughing!

Candi James said...

These are the best conversations ever made! She is so funny and bright and happy! Love the photos of her and especially with Gus and Leighton. My, what will we do when Gus leaves....He is her BFF! Love that little girl!!!

Candi James said...

PS. Love the one of her riding the bike too!!!! That is a framer!