Sunday, November 4, 2012

The year of the Circus.

Three was lots of fun, and now we’re four! This year has marked a vast improvement in speech, learning all the letters and their sounds, falling in love with the circus and clowns, becoming a big sister, meeting Elmo, and much more!

You love dance school, bows in your hair, dresses and clothes, Olivia the pig books, all things sweet, your little brother, your dog Gus, playing with your grandparents, all things circus, singing, playing outside, riding the ranger, swinging, and wearing people out!

westfield homecoming 092112 (54)You still love to swing and can almost swing by yourself. You still prefer your red swing because we can push you really high.

blair and gus play candyland 091912 (18)Playing Candyland with Gus. He draws cards and moves his game piece.

People always tell us how sweet, funny, and beautiful you are. You have been described to me as “addictive,” and you are all of the above. You are so incredibly thoughtful – for any age much less a four year old. You ask me to watch Leighton while you go inside and get a towel to dry Gus after his bath. “In case he cries,” you say. You told me, “Mommy, you make good brownies!” and “Your hair looks cute like that” (in a pony tail). Aunt Lin rolled your hair, and you told her, “I love it!” You went inside to get us water and brought them one by one back out. You brought me breakfast in bed right after I had Leighton – all your idea. You asked me if I thought God would want you to have 2 baby girls. So. sweet. And you think. A lot.

playground 080512 (10)You love the playground.

You weigh 26.5 pounds, and you’re 36 1/2” tall. You wear a size 3 in clothes. Well, you can wear a size 18 month shorts, and pants are a little of an issue in the waist when we get the length we need, but we know people who sew! You wear a size 7 shoe with plenty of room to spare.

You take a nap at 1ish for a couple to three hours. You still wear a diaper at night and sometimes during your nap. You get up between 6 and 7 in the morning, but you still don’t like to eat breakfast until you’ve been up for a bit. You love waffles and chocolate chip pancakes. You also love quesadillas, PB&J, and ham sandwiches.

september birthdays 091712 (6)You zoom around the house on your tricycle, and you still LOVE yogurt!

We’ve had a few bad colds this year, but you handled them pretty well. That one from Hawaii was a doozy. Then we had one cold this summer when we had to use oxygen at nap and night, and then on your birthday you started feeling crummy. After a week of thinking it was viral, I took you to the doctor and found out you had your first ear infection and walking pneumonia. Mother of the year. You’re probably the only four year old who can apply and work a pulse oximeter! And put on your own oxygen.

You LOVE music. In the car, you still watch KidSongs over most any other movie we have. You also like Lady and the Tramp, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Elmo’s World. You LOVE the Letter Factory (the reason you know the letter sounds and can SOUND OUT SOME WORDS! – easy ones at least). We watch very little TV at home. Many nights you sing yourself to sleep. You sing Happy Birthday, I’ve Been Working on the Railroad, Boom Boom Ain’t it Great to be Crazy, I See the Moon, You are my Sunshine, and many more. When I was pregnant, I started lying down with you at night and scratch your back while I sang to you. We still get to do that sometimes. You even grabbed my wrist to show me how to scratch the other night!

You are rarely jealous of Leighton. You really love him to pieces, regularly commenting “he’s so sweet, in’t he?” or “he’s so cute, in’t he?” You say, “He likes me, doesn’t he?” Or you ask me, “What's he got on so cute?!”

We introduced gum recently, and you are so scared to swallow it that you chew it for all of about 40 seconds and spit it out. “I’m finished!”

You eat a variety of foods, and will try most anything at least once. You don’t have to eat it, but we ask that you try things, and you do. You like steak, and you eat it like mommy. You like the “soft” part of a pork chop, and you love fried chicken. You eat broccoli, carrots, asparagus, and peas well. You love Subway, and they call you “light blue mayonnaise,” because that’s what you want on your sandwich. The sandwich of the moment is bacon, sprinkle cheese, and light blue mayonnaise. “And that’s all.”

You are very independent in ways. You like to get yourself out of the bath. “I’m gon’ get out by myself. Go in yonder please.”

westfield homecoming 092112 (47)_thumbYou’re a little mama.

You got a circus KidSongs DVD for Easter, and it has been all things “happy face” since! You want to be a happy face when you grow up, and you wanted a lion tamer on your birthday cake. We had a fun fun circus party for your birthday this year – you had a blast! Your birthday rivals Easter for your favorite day of the year. And we are so blessed and happy to celebrate you!