Saturday, November 24, 2012

The “Garden”

fall produce 1112 (13)

We’ve been dabbling in winter produce for the last few years, mostly for folks around here to come out and get. This year we are selling some of the vegetables though markets, etc. We have quite the “garden,” as my father-in-law calls it. It’s a tad more than what most would call a garden, since it’s quite a few acres and is watered with a hard hose! There are two kinds of peas, turnips, collards, cabbage, mustard greens, and broccoli.

Sidenote: A hard hose is like a HUGE sprinkler that waters acres of crops while traveling backwards on the path of its hose – a giant hose. It’s portable, and we use it wherever it may be needed – watermelons, cotton, or peanuts. We use it less now that we have drip irrigation on the watermelons and a few new pivots.

fall produce 1112 (35)

They have been harvesting turnips and collards over the past few weeks, and they are beautiful!

fall produce 1112 (46)fall produce 1112 (44)Aren’t they gorgeous?!

These turnips were about to head down to Florida.

fall produce 1112 (42)fall produce 1112 (53)

This week, Blair and I went out there on the ranger to grab a few collard greens for Thanksgiving. They were yummy!

fall produce 1112 (39)One of the guys helping me with the collards.

The broccoli is just about ready, and we can’t wait. We eat a ton of steamed broccoli.

fall produce 1112 (7)

Just as Brad is finishing cotton harvest, we’re gearing up for another fall/winter produce planting. And I thought we were going to have a little downtime…. ha! A farmer knows no such thing!


Mamie said...

Y'all should start a farm share! That would be cool ... we'd join!

Candi James said...

BUSY AS BEES all of the time. Good food is a every day thing at your farm!