Sunday, November 25, 2012

Speech, check.

I honestly cannot believe I'm about to write this: Blair's speech therapist released her from speech the Thursday before Thanksgiving. If someone had told me a year ago that Blair would be where she is now language and speech-wise, I would have said they had lost their mind! But she is. She has come so far in just this past year. I'm just beyond thankful.

Blair has worked so hard for Mamie and Mamie for her. I am so thankful we found Mamie (or she sort of found us). I cannot put into words what a blessing she has been to us. We have met and worked with at least 5 speech therapists over the years, and Mamie's way of doing therapy is so much more effective than anything else I've experienced. And she taught me so much about working at home. She always gave us such good ideas to practice. I saw Mamie's heart everyday we were there for speech. It is so obvious that God made her to work with kids like Blair. She can pull a speech game out of nowhere and at the spur of the moment - it's phenomenal! We are forever thankful for her and for her going beyond duty to be flexible for us and even give us her spare time. And it's obvious she loves my child. Blair even got a "graduation" gift!

There were times in there at the beginning - almost 2 1/2 years ago - that Mamie didn't know where to go with Blair. Blair was making no progress at all. She refused to say B or P sounds. We worked on B for months! But Mamie kept on trying. And the sounds came. Like light bulbs being switched on, sound after sound appeared in Blair's speech - and not in just one place. When she decided to start saying a sound, it was everywhere. It was so strange!

This past year, we've seen improvement almost weekly it seems. And now, we've reached a point at which she is appropriate for her age in pronunciation and beyond her age in language. We of course will keep an eye on her, and we still work all the time at home anyway. For example, she still has to be reminded to use her S sound in initial S blends. 

We also got good reports at the craniofacial clinic and from Blair’s audiologist last month. “Tickled” was a word that was used about her speech and progress. Her hearing aids are still set the same, and her audiologist said that her language is so good. She also said that Blair is a perfect example of the importance of early intervention and hard work.

I would say if you have a child who you think is behind in speech, no matter the reason, get him or her evaluated sooner rather than later. You can always be told that there is no problem, but if there is an issue, with both speech and hearing loss, the earlier you start the better!


Candi James said...

This is such wonderful news! Just give me chill bumps to read. What wonderful parents y'all have been to see that sweet Blair has who she needs and tools she needs to make progress! I know you are over the moon from excitement. I want to see all of you one day and then I can listen and listen and listen to Blair talk!