Friday, November 2, 2012

Purdy Cotton

This year has been a good year for Brad’s cotton. After last year’s cotton picker fire in the first field he harvested, it was about time! We’ve also had beautiful harvest weather. It’s been fairly dry, so most of the cotton is nice and fluffy. Driving here and there, I’ve actually seen more pretty cotton this year than not!

Here are some pictures of cotton that Brad told me I “had to see”!

new farm cotton 2012 (3)new farm cotton 2012 (12)new farm cotton 2012 (15)new farm cotton 2012 (20)new farm cotton 2012 (22)

A farmer measures his cotton production in bales per acre. Brad might say, “This is two bale cotton.” A bale is 500 pounds. The rolls the cotton picker makes contain several bales, so he can count the rolls and figure out how many bales per acre he got in one field. When the cotton is ginned, it is put into bales that weigh about 500 pounds.

Pictures do not do cotton justice, but this is some of our best cotton so far. I think they make a lot more out west, but around here two bale cotton is good and three bale cotton is even better – this cotton is closer to the three bale mark! Over the years (you know, I’m still learning!), I’ve  learned to almost guess how good cotton is by looking at it driving by. In higher yield cotton, the field will be a really dense white after defoliation.

new farm cotton 2012 (50)new farm cotton 2012 (62)

So fluffy and pretty! It’s still hard for me to believe that our t-shirts and jeans are made from something that grows out of a plant!

new farm cotton 2012 (57)

This cotton is being picked and rolled as I write this. Brad is running hard ahead of possible rain this weekend. I’m planning to do a post about the new picker soon… stay tuned!


Steph said...

Ours is also almost 3 bale! It's taking a lot longer to pick than normal because it's so good! lol.

GT said...

As I looked at the pictures before I read the post I said to myself "That is 2 1/2 bale cotton". Let me know. So proud of Brad...and his family!

AA said...

Sooo pretty, Ash!!