Sunday, November 4, 2012

Beautiful Fall Saturday

We had a great day today at home. We played outside this morning and rode the ranger to the store to get some groceries. Blair was disappointed that she forgot her purse. She likes to pay :). We grilled hamburgers for lunch, and Blair of course ate a bun with ketchup and mayonnaise. A “hamburger with no sausage. Just ketchup and light blue mayonnaise.”

During naptime, both kids slept, so I took the first nap I’ve taken since Leighton was tiny. It was great. My house is a wreck, but that nap was fabulous.

After nap, we went back outside. Brad called and said the fall festival was tonight at his old school, so we headed over there. Blair won a cake! She had so much fun playing the games. She started off really shy but quickly warmed up to do more of them on her own. Sometimes we see how not having been in school has affected her, but I think she will do fine next year.

Leighton was either quiet or sleeping the whole time, so I got to really focus on Blair which was fun.

fall festival CA 110312 (3)Go fish was her favorite.

fall festival CA 110312 (6)fall festival CA 110312 (8)fall festival CA 110312 (12)

Gotta love a south Georgia Fall Festival – cotton bolls on the tables and sausage dogs on the menu!

fall festival CA 110312 (14)

After taking Brad supper on the picker, it was late when we got home. Blair was saying she was tired. She is busy, busy, but she loves her sleep!


Candi James said...

What a fun day!!!! At the ring toss game it looked like she was petting the dog!!! She is a sweetie pie for sure!