Tuesday, November 20, 2012

4 months old



I never figured I would have two really good babies, but you are; you are SO good. You cry if you’re really hungry or sleepy, but other than that, you are so content. You love to be talked to or even smiled at, but you can play by yourself on your mat or under your leapfrog light toy – kicking and waving those arms in excitement! Over the last month, you have become my giggling little happy man! When anyone talks to you, your whole face lights up and you duck your head as you smile. Daddy says your smile goes “BING!” because it turns on like a light bulb. Your little personality is starting to show. You talk and get so excited about things. And you love your “two finger special” as daddy calls it! You don’t suck them all the time, but you go to town on them when you’re hungry!

I love our snuggle time and how you break out into a smile if I just look at you! You love when I sing – and I certainly don’t know why because I’m no singer! Blair loves to request songs for you and tell me what you like.

You are a rolling machine and prefer tummy time unless you have toys to look at while on your back. You push up off your tummy really well. You like fabric in your mouth. A blanket, my shirt, your shirt, whatever. If it’s fabric and near you, it’s soaked!

You are not sleeping in the swing at all anymore. You nap in your bed all day. You sleep like Blair did when she was a baby – booty up and hands tucked under your belly. It’s precious. I love to watch you sleep.

You are the cuddliest, sweetest thing. I can’t believe you’ve been here for 4 months. That’s almost half a year! What have we been doing all this time?! It’s really sickening how fast you babies grow up. I’m trying to soak you in best I can!

We sure do love you.


mommy, daddy, and Blair

fall-produce-1112-31_thumb1K, mom. That’s enough.


Unknown said...

Just precious! I see some John McCord in that baby!

Candi James said...

Georgia I do too!!! I see John in his eyes!!! What a sweet post.
He is a doll baby.....