Monday, October 1, 2012

Tractor Ride

peanut harvest 12 (60)

This weekend we headed out to the peanut field to hop on with daddy. Leighton’s first tractor ride – and his sister drove!

peanut harvest 12 (27)peanut harvest 12 (28)peanut harvest 12 (52)Free reign of the steering wheel – without auto steer!

peanut harvest 12 (55)peanut harvest 12 (58)Notice we’re driving across rows!

peanut harvest 12 (63)Blair’s path

This baby loves her daddy.

peanut harvest 12 (69)peanut harvest 12 (70)

And this baby slept right through his very first ride on a tractor – for the most part.

peanut harvest 12 (76)peanut harvest 12 (86)Leighton and I in the mirror :)

By the smile on Blair’s face, I think we’ll be going back to drive again soon!


Candi James said...

Blair just makes my day! I love the picture with her daddy. She is growing up knowing the real values of life....being a little country girl will do that!!!

AA said...

The pic of Blair's head on Brad's shoulder is precious!! And Leighton is just beautiful! I'll try to call you tonight or tomorrow night!