Saturday, October 13, 2012

Irish Twins

Who’d have thought we’d have two babies in one year?! Not me, especially since Leighton was born in July! Thankfully I still only have to get up with Leighton at night. The new baby keeps his daddy up.

043Meet the new baby. He/she is nameless so far.

Cotton harvest has officially begun! We’ll be packing lunches and making at home take out for supper (or he just eats it cold when he gets home!). We head out to the field for family time on a Friday night. We get to enjoy our south Georgia snow!

047052Family Friday Night – all four of us piled up in the picker!

050Beautiful views every day all day from the driver’s seat.054

I’ll post more pictures of the new baby and how she works – I think she’s a she. :)


Candi James said...

I just love these posts about our Georgia agriculture....and the family that goes with it! You are a perfect farmer's wife! I think it is so neat to have "Family time Friday Nights". What a machine that cotton picker is!!!! I don't think I have ever seen a machine so large!