Friday, October 26, 2012

Harvest Visits

We have had beautiful weather lately, and Brad is in full on cotton harvest mode. When he has cotton defoliated, he runs hard to get it in before rain, if possible. Late nights, meal delivery, and field visits are all in order this time of year. In the evening, we might take supper, ride for a bit, or just go say hi before the kids' bedtime.
We had to go to Atlanta yesterday for appointments for Blair, and all she talked about on the way home was going out "to ride with my dada." We didn't get to ride because it was late when we got home, but she was so excited just to see Brad.

She sees those cotton picker lights heading toward us and lights up, "Who's coming?!"

Late nights are rough for all of us, but these visits are so special as well - Blair's excitement is adorable!


Candi James said...

This is about the sweetest thing ever. There is nothing like the love a daughter and daddy share!
Just precious Ashlee.