Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Blair is four!

Happy birthday to my big-eyed beauty!

birthday girl is 4 100912 (3)

The birthday girl had a pretty good birthday. We started out with the requested waffle for breakfast – with candles.

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birthday girl is 4 100912 (21)

While we were eating, Aunt Linnie called. She also had calls from Gigi, Aunt Mo, GT, Aunt Kimmie, and Aunt Melissa.

birthday girl is 4 100912 (24)

I put her down for an early nap, and we headed off to the fair for the afternoon. It crossed my mind that she was mighty whiney in the morning, but I figured she was tired.

We wanted to take her to the circus at the fair. She is all about the circus. She wants to be a “happy face” when she grows up (a clown), and she wants a lion tamer on her cake. And a lion tamer she will have!

We got to the fair, ate a late lunch (yummy gyro!), and headed to the circus tent.

fair birthday 100912 (2)fair birthday 100912 (5)Loves her daddy!

fair birthday 100912 (8)

The circus was pretty good. There’s only so much they can do in a tiny tent with a tiny ring. Blair wanted them to sing the songs from her circus movie!

She wanted to see the happy faces, but they didn’t have any in their circus. So… we walked the entire fair over and over looking for the strolling clown, and he was nowhere to be found. And then we realized that Blair had a fever.

So her birthday was a little tough with her not feeling well that afternoon and evening, but I think she’ll make it up at her party, which we had to postpone. However, next week works out better for almost everyone I talked to, so yay! All the little activities I had planned can still all happen next week too, so yay! We’ll party next weekend!


It’s been birthday central around here (especially at Grandmom’s where they have been working on decorations for a couple of weeks!). I can’t wait for her to have her party. She LOVES all birthdays, especially hers! It’s going to be a lot of fun!


Marie said...

Happy Birthday to Blair! Check out the Math Circus DVD - it is cute for learning math and I'm sure she'd love the theme. Have a great party!

Candi James said...

What a fun theme for such a special girl who is TURNING 4! Cannot wait to see pictures.