Sunday, September 30, 2012

“What is the matter with the world?”

Blair, like all children, continues to keep us in absolute stitches on a daily basis. These are notes from August and September.

Lately, one of the most ironic things is that she has taken the phrase, “What in the world is the matter/wrong?” and changed it to “What is the matter with the world?!” It’s so funny to hear her say it!

sesame st live 092612 (131).JPG cropStraight mess.

She has a new musical obsession: she walks around the house singing the Letter Factory song. She knows all of the letter sounds up to about T. I’m not even trying to teach her; she eats it up and talks about it all the time.

At a buffet for lunch:

B- I’m full!

Okay, Mommy’s gonna go look at the desserts.

B- I want some dessert.

B- Eating chocolate cake. I’m going to eat so it goes down to my yegs!"

Oh you are?!

B- Yes ma’am. I’m full, but I’m gon’ let it go in my yegs.

Are you putting it in your left leg or your right leg.

B- Tilts her head to left while chewing and swallowing. It went to my left yeg!

first pallet blair 092312 (3)She slept on her first pallet. She loved it.

She put her hand on Leighton’s belly: “He’s a warm unit.”

When we were at the beach, it was “the ocean has…” when she talked about anything having to do with the beach, condo, etc. She found a booster seat in one of the closets – “The ocean has a chair for me!” Her huge eyes widened when she says stuff like this makes it even better.

“Whatchyou got on so cute?!” What she asks Leighton, Feagan, her baby dolls, and anyone else she thinks looks cute!

8 weeks 091412 (1)_thumbShe wants her picture taken with Leighton. During August and September, she breaks out under your eyes. We figure it’s allergy-related.

She’s sort of possessive with her blankets:

B- Why you put my blankets in the laundry -- you can’t put my blankets in the laundry!

I’m going to wash them so they’ll be fresh and clean. you don’t want me to wash them?

B- I don’t want them to be fresh. I want them just like they are.

While giving Gus a bath she says, “You bathe his hair.” She points to his head: “This is his hair, and this is his body” as she points to the rest of him (which is obviously also covered in hair!).

gus gets a bath 082112 (7)gus gets a bath 082112 (18)

According to Blair, one can “burp out of their bottom” and we have to find a “parking place” for the DVDs in the DVD case.

She told her Grandmom, “This is how Gigi doos it.”

She’s still super sweet. While we were outside, she went inside and brought us both water from the house. She fixed the water and brought one out at a time. That same day she brought breakfast to my room – yogurt, a Danactive drink, and blueberries – with a spoon and napkin!

Her favorite songs are Polly Wolly Doodle, The Flying Trapeze, The Lion Tamer, If You’re Happy and You Know it, Put on a Happy Face, and Boom Boom Ain’t it Great to be Crazy. All from Kidsongs, basically the only tv we watch other than the occasional Elmo’s World or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She also likes me to sing “the moon song” and “the sunshine song” to Leighton.

westfield homecoming 092112 (83)First football game.

Her favorite books right now are Olivia and Olivia Saves the Circus. Imagine that. And she wants to be a Clown and “put on a happy face” when she grows up. We are all things circus right now!

At the beach, she took a trash can from one of the rooms and put it in the bathroom upside down so she could reach the sink.

She loves to wash her hair over the side of the tub. Sometimes, I’ll let her do that, and then she’ll get in the tub for a bath!

-Mama, I need to bend over (the side of the tub - her favorite) and wash my hair tonight in case we don't have time for a bath.

Blair, you need a bath. Your hair is clean; you don't need to wash it.

-No, my hair is not comfortable! We need to wash it!

And she wants to do it by herself! When getting out of the tub she says, “I’m gon’ get out by myself. Go in yonder please.”

She thanked God for the yellow flag during the blessing. Brad asks her: Blair, the yellow flag? Yes sir, in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

She “pets” Leighton. And she “tenders” to him:

leighton loves blair 091112 (18)leighton loves blair 091112 (19)

Her hair has to be in a bun for dance, so I told her that we would put it in a bun. “Like a hamburger?”

Our friend Sully has hearing aids, and his mom wants to get together with us on Skype for the kids to talk to each other. I told Blair that we were going to talk to Sully on the computer. “Like Elmo or people like you?”

At Gigi’s she told me her orange juice had “crumbs” in it! (I buy low pulp!)

She “taught” Leighton how to play mister.

blair and leighton 092512 (1)blair and leighton 092512 (4)blair and leighton 092512 (7)blair and leighton 092512 (8)

She counted down the days to her birthday party on the timer on my phone! She loves a birthday! More on that later of course!