Tuesday, September 18, 2012

That Girl is a Trip. (Early Summer)

I make these notes about what Blair says, and we’ve been so busy I’ve delayed in getting them written down in more detail. Then I might forget some, which really irks me. Here are the notes from early summer.

blair's kitchen spot 041312 (7) eyesHer spot in the kitchen. On the counter.

She is about 25 pounds. She still naps at 1pm for 2 – 3 hours and wears a diaper at night. She likes puzzles, books, Gus, going to the pond, and her pacilator. (A made up name for her paci clip that holds all of her pacis.) She is doing well except for her first two “asthma attacks” in the middle of the night on 4/22 and 5/7. She coughed and coughed and coughed. We gave her a breathing treatment, and she was better, but both times she needed oxygen afterwards. We went in to the doctor, and her medicine was changed. We haven’t had any more issues. She still drinks Pediasure but eats better if we limit the amount. She also loves water!

She doesn’t like “moo cow” (ground beef) but will eat most any other meat including steak (rare/medium rare like her mama!) as long as it’s “soft.” Whereas her daddy wants everything overcooked, she doesn’t like anything tough!

no meatballs 042212 (3)Picking the moo cow out of her pasta.

Hiding seek is her new thing. She’ll say, “I'll hide and you find me” or “Go hide and I’ll find y’all.” I love how she draws out y’all real slow.

She and her Andad were playing in the office, and she gave him drawing directions with such detail! “Write a tractor. Write a driver. Write a seat – a driver seat.”

at the awpice with andad and daddy 042512 (9)at the awpice with andad and daddy 042512 (14)the oppice 042912 (11)She loves Andad!

We started going fishing, and we would run down to the local bait place and get some worms and crickets. The first time we went, they didn’t have any crickets. She told her daddy, “We got worms, but they didn’t have any tickets.”

Her daddy gets all her sugar, and she says, “Give me some back!” and kisses him. So cute.

The chickens live in a chicken "poop"! How true!

She ends many of her little suggestions with “How ‘bout that?”

She’s a tad bossy at times. Imagine that!

We’re always cooking, and lately I’ve let her start cracking eggs. I’m so laid back usually about making a mess in the kitchen, and she certainly can’t hurt a thing learning to crack an egg. So I tell her to crack it on the counter and then put her thumbs on the crack and pull. The first time, she squeezed instead, and the whole egg smashed. So we practiced and I would tell her, “Don’t squeeze. Pull!” Finally, she got better at it, but almost every time she cracks an egg, she asks, “Did i squeeze pull?!”

mothers day brads bday 051312 (10)

I have tons of stories about Gus. The child loves the dog more than anything, and he really is like her best buddy. She talks to him like a friend: “Hey Gus! Whatchou been doin’? Playin’?”

Since she got the Kidsongs Circus movie for Easter, she so into the circus. “Gus, are you the lion tamer?”

She says, “I'm lovin’ on m’ dog.” And I CANNOT get her to say it on video.

She tells him to “Load out” of the ranger. (she made this up since we use “load up” to get in the ranger and car.) She also wants to be told to load out of the ranger and the car!

memorial weekend at linnie's 052612 (31)Since I’ve started ordering clothes on Facebook, when we go to the mailbox, she doesn’t mind asking, “What did you get me?” Or if you ask her where she got a certain outfit she says, “The mail gave it to me!” And if she got something she’ll ask, “Where's the baby boy's?”

And I love our little talks about the baby:

“I teach him to talk in your belly!”

B- Does l have any hair?

I don't know.

B- Ask him

You ask him.

B- Leighton, do you have any hair? What did he say?

He said he could see it he doesn't have a mirror.

B- I'll go get him one. L look in the mirror. What did he say?

He says he has a little.

B- Who teached him to talk?!

soft stuff and playing 042212 (39)

Blair is like the little mouse on Ratatouille. She’s super olfactory, and is always noticing certain smells. She’ll ask, “What's that smell like?” if she smells something funny. Or she’ll exclaim, “I don’t want to smell that…!”

Sometimes after she’s quiet for a minute, she’ll say, “I'm thinkin’ about...”

watermelons coming on 051412 (30)

She and her daddy have a little nighttime thing where she asks, “Wanna walk around for a minute?” And he takes her all over the house giving a “tour” of every room, complete with commentary.

She’s consistent with her No ma'ams etc., and she’ll ask “Can I say ‘yep’ to mommies and daddies?” or “Can I say ‘thanks’ to mommies and daddies?” I don’t know why she thinks she can’t say “thanks,” but she can!

swimming 050112 (2)

She uses “Arm I?” It’s a mixture of “am” and “are.” I love it.

Figure it out stowa by our house? (I know she said this, but I cannot remember to what she was referring. Ugh!)

More to come… I have two more posts worth!


Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

I just LOVE this post...she is so darn cute...I would love to hear all of this in person! ;)

I know that you are B*U*S*Y but I wanted to see if you would share your farming story on the Faces of Agriculture Blog...you can check them out thru my blog(on my favorites list). I know they would LOVE to feature your family!
Take care...

Candi James said...

Ashlee, I absolutely love this post. I try hard to "pronounce and hear" the words just as she says them because.....it is just special!! That first picture of her with her hair all straightened is beautiful, one of the ones without her smiling but it is still a beautiful picture of a beautiful child. Man! I know you and Brad feel so blessed, but Blair and Leighton are especially blessed to have the sweet parents they have :-) Both of you take so much "sincere" time with them, time that really counts and helps them and makes them feel loved.

AA said...

OMG I love these!!!! She IS a TRIP!! I want to see her on video saying these. My favorite: "Her daddy gets all her sugar, and she says, “Give me some back!” and kisses him. So cute."

PS She's a beauty!!