Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dance Day

We had a countdown: “Three more night nights before I go to dance school!” And she asked multiple times per day, “Mama, how many night nights and naps before I go to dance school?” And on and on….

Yesterday was the big day. She went to dance school. Blair’s ballet class was the first class that she has attended by herself – ever. She goes to Sunday school with us, she’s never been to school, and she’s never been allowed in daycare.

first school first dance class 091012 (3)I love her hair up. It makes those big eyes stand out even more!

She did great. They swept her away at the start of class, and she didn’t know what happened to her. When she got in there, she cried a little, but Miss C had plenty of helpers. One young girl held Blair almost the entire class. She finally got down at the very end.

She said she had fun though, and she wants to go back. I consider that success! She knew a lot of the songs that they played, so that was good. Miss C promises she’ll warm up after a few weeks, and to be honest I’m not worried! Her being timid is normal, and I also believe that she will be bouncing off the walls in no time!

Everybody said how beautiful she was, and Miss C’s 5 year old granddaughter even told Blair that her name was pretty!

first school first dance class 091012 (1)She was SO proud.


Candi James said...

Awwww, how sweet! No doubt they already love her to pieces!!! She will be fine in her class, I just know it! So adorable she is!!!