Sunday, September 16, 2012

Christmas in August

We got some really special deliveries last month on the farm… our new (to us) cotton picker and peanut picker. We are all excited about the new cotton picker because it’s one of the new roller pickers. I’ll have to do a little “How a cotton picker works” tour of the roller like I did with our old one. Our old cotton picker burned up last year. It was a sad day, and then we couldn’t find another one because it was in the middle of harvest! Thankfully we had some neighbors willing to do the harvest for us, and we were able to find a used picker for this season.

Here it is!

christmas in august new cotton picker 081612 (1)That is one big in august new cotton picker 081612 (2)We like green around these parts!

Blair was so excited that she wanted to get up in the cotton picker and sit in her seat.

christmas in august new cotton picker 081612 (4)christmas in august new cotton picker 081612 (7)

I didn’t take pictures of the peanut picker, but Brad came home this weekend bragging about how awesome it was, so I guess he’s in farm heaven in it! They are just starting to harvest peanuts, so I’ll get some pictures shortly! In the meantime, check out my old post about vintage peanut harvest – very cool!

We’re looking forward to a great harvest. Hopefully I can get my life organized enough to do some pictures and blogging!