Friday, August 10, 2012

Three Weeks

This week we have had more sweetness, lots of eating, and thrush. Thrush. Again.

We dealt with thrush with Blair for months. I finally figured out that it was yeast on Leighton’s bottom that wouldn’t get better. Then I looked in his mouth. Ugh. But we’re getting treated, and we’re gonna knock it out way faster than last time! And we’re not doing bottles yet, so I don’t really have boiling to do – another plus!

leighton 3 weeks 081012 (2)3 weeks

We might have had a tad of a growth spurt this week. He seemed to be nursing more frequently for a few days in there. Despite the thrush, he continues to eat very well.

The newborn clothes are fitting but not for long! (Yippee! Blair wore newborn for forEVER!) I’ve put him in a few 3 month things. They’re a bit big but more appropriate when we go outside because most of the newborn stuff is long sleeve. But I’m not wishing him to get big either. I’m trying to enjoy every minute!

streeetch 080912 (4)

We started taking a bath this week. I did the counter for a few more times after his umbilical cord fell off, and then Tuesday we pulled out the blue tub. Blair was so excited. But she doesn’t quite get the hasty part of the bath so that baby doesn’t “dirty” the water! He loves a bath though.

tub time! 080712 (1)

We still don’t have too much of a routine. The feedings are pretty regular at 2 1/2 to 3 hours apart. His wakeful times vary. Sometimes he is awake for a while in the mornings, and sometimes he waits until lunchtime. He most always has a nice long awake time at night – between two feedings.

He’s not a big fan of self-soothing. If he’s full, he’ll lie on the boppy and look around as happy as can be, but if he’s sleepy, he wants to be nursed to sleep. We’re still working on a paci. I’ve got about 10 different kinds that I’m trying to get him to take! I hope when we get rid of thrush he’ll be more willing to take one – that and introducing a bottle will help too, I think.

lovin in blair's room 080912 (6)

Leighton also seems to like to be outside. It hasn’t been quite as hot this week, so we’ve spent some time outside with Blair, we’ve eaten lunch under the car port we just built, and we’ve taken Ranger rides! Leighton’s car seat fits great in the Ranger, so we take off!

playground 080512 (20)We took the babies to the park.

Blair has been a bit of a handful this week. In her defense, she’s been getting up really super early. She’s also not minding. At all. She’s sweet, but she’s not minding. Even though I don’t want to, I have to get on to her. She starts dance soon, and she will not be acting like that with someone else! I’m sure we’ll make it over this little hump in no time. She sure loves her brother!

lovin in blair's room 080912 (10)

She says things like “He loves me,” “I’m excited to see Yeighton!” and “Good mohnin’ Yeighton!”


Amy said...

apparently i am WAY behind on my blog reading. i had no idea you'd had the baby...let alone that he is THREE WEEKS OLD!!! congrats to you and your family. he's precious!!! love the way blair is looking at him in the picture. she looks smitten ;)
hope the thrush clears up soon!!

Candi James said...

I love the picture of Blair looking at Leighton. She will be a good big sister! Probably acting out because of the attention she is having to share....Bless her, she will get used to it in no time. Ashlee I see both you and Brad when I look at Leighton. Sweet baby boy!
Take care!

A Peach and A Jeep said...

Leighton is so precious! We've been struggling with Noah for a while now too. He's not minding and being disrespectful. Must be the age:) Good luck!

AA said...

How sweet, Ash!! Sorry about the thrush but hope you get rid of quickly. Love the pic of Leighton "looking" into the alert. I can only imagine Blair, love the last picture of them. Yay for this post! XOXO!

Julia said...

We battled thrush with both the boys too. It never tore Perron's bottom up, but poor Grayson's was a mess. It never seemed to bother him though. Just sterilize those paci's like crazy. I forgot to do that at first and was only sterilizing bottles.

I also can't believe how quickly Grayson grows out of things. He is the size that Perron was at 10 or 11 months and we were in newborn stuff FOREVER too! I feel your pain.

Just warning you, it goes by so much faster with the second...especially when they are a healthy, normally developing baby. It has been a huge shock to me!