Saturday, July 21, 2012

Our Boy’s Birth Day!

Leighton Noble entered our lives via c-section on July 20 at 9:48pm. He is healthy and more than we could have ever hoped for. I honestly had to ask our NP what to do with a normal newborn!

leighton day 072012 40 weeks (1)Right before we left for the hospital. 40w1d or 39w3d, depending on which due date you look at!

We went in for an induction that Friday morning. We got to L&D around 5am. They immediately started penicillin. Even though I tested negative for Group B Strep this time, my doctor still wanted to treat me since I had a GBS infected baby. (And I got allergy tested for penicillin because I had a reaction as an infant – not allergic anymore!) Shortly after, they started all of the necessary induction meds. Contractions came pretty hard and right fast right away, but I didn’t progress all that well. Dr. J broke my water around lunch, and I continued to NOT progress. I was not surprised. My whole pregnancy (and before) I had had a feeling that if I went to term I would end up with a c-section. Blair was not the easiest delivery in the world –- at 35 weeks and 6 pounds!

leighton's birth day 072012 (1)

I got an epidural that afternoon, and I didn’t realize how much pain I was actually in until I didn’t feel it anymore! The nurses kept saying I was tough, but I thought they were just being nice. But I felt SO much better after the epidural. The only thing about the epidural was that it was “leaning” to the right, so I couldn’t move my right leg AT ALL! Totally weird.

Dr. J came about every four hours to check on me. I was 2 – 3 that morning, 3 at lunch, 4-5 at 5ish, and 5 at 8. At that last check, Leighton was having some heart decels after contractions, and we were having trouble getting them to stop. It had happened earlier in the day too, but with a few minor interventions, they were gone. This time though, we’d try something and the nurse would leave. Shortly after, I would hear the heart rate slow on the monitor, and I knew a nurse was going to walk in the door any moment… and she always did.

It was that, the fact that Leighton was not coming down, and that I wasn’t progressing that made Dr. J make the decision. Oh, and my mom mentioned that she had five c-sections. He was so disappointed in having to do the section, but I was so ready to get Leighton out. So. Ready. I was almost excited to be honest.

leighton's birth day 072012 (4)We took this picture to show Blair my oxygen!

The surgery wasn’t bad. I was a tad nauseous, but I think that was mostly from the bed ride to the c-section room! My anesthesiologist was awesome, and I just love love love my doctor. Now after the surgery, my incision was ON FIRE. I don’t know what it was, but I kept telling the nurse, “my incision is on fire.” That’s about all I remember from the first part of recovery. I kept telling them that it wasn’t like me to complain.

leighton's birth day 072012 (6)He’s here!

leighton's birth day 072012 (9)The anesthesiologist is holding my elbow because both of my arms were asleep and not working right. I remember telling Brad my arms weren’t working and not to give me the baby!

leighton's birth day 072012 (15)

leighton's birth day 072012 (29)Feed me, people!

leighton's birth day 072012 (42)2

About an hour after Leighton was born, they brought him to me in recovery. It surely didn’t seem like that long. It’s all really a blur, but I do remember that he was showing ME how to latch and nursing like a pro! He nursed for a while, and I held him in the bed while they wheeled me to my room.

leighton's birth day 072012 (49)

They left my epidural (right leg still non-existent), so I spent the whole night waking Brad up to give me the baby and put him back in the bassinet. I couldn’t do a THING! And I had planned on him going back home to spend the night with Blair! Thank goodness he didn’t! I begged them to take the epidural out the next morning so I could get up and get moving. And that moving wasn’t fast and certainly wasn’t painless, but I got up regardless!

Leighton is as sweet as his sister – hope it stays like that! And that’s our newest little one’s birth story!

Our whole time in the hospital was wonderful. ALL of the nurses were SO nice and SO helpful. We really enjoyed our “normal” birthing experience!


barbara woods said...

congrats glad it's over i know beautiful baby

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

CONGRATS on that precious baby boy!!
What a day for glad all is well...I bet Miss Blair is such an awesome big sis!

Take care ;)

Steph said...

Congratulations! When I had my c section, I also asked "Am I on fire?" haha. It is such a weird feeling not being able to feel your legs. They took Reed at 10:19AM and I think I got feeling back in them by maybe 4 that afternoon? Why did they leave your epidural in so long? Reed was coming so quick, they didn't have time for an epidural, they had to give me a spinal. Not sure what the difference is really!

Julia said...

I have been waiting for the birth story update! Isn't it wierd having a normal baby delivery. I had to ask the nurses a thousand times what I was supposed to be doing because it was almost like having your first baby. It was very weird but so wonderful not to have to see the inside of a the inside of a PICU...that is a different story. Congratulations! He is precious!