Friday, July 27, 2012

One Week

Since I was giving daily updates after Blair was born, Leighton should at least have weekly ones, right? I think so!

leighton 6 days old 072612 (9)

going home with leighton 072312 (10)

This has been a great week. We came home on Monday from the hospital and were met at our house by Blair, Gigi, Aunt Lin, Faegan, Aunt Melissa, Joseph, and Jordan. Melissa had stayed at our house with Blair while we were in the hospital. I can’t even say how big of a help that was – and Blair had a blast. Then mom and Lin were taking over as the helping crew for me at home!

blair kisses 072812 (3)

leighton's first bath 072612 (16)The most important helper!

I don’t know what made God bless us with two sweet babies, but he did. Leighton is the best baby. He sleeps and eats, and that’s about it. If he gets hungry, he might fuss a bit, but other than that he’s just as content as can be. (He ought to be; he eats constantly!)

leighton 6 days 072612 (17)

He eats about every 2 – 3 hours, closer to 2 for the most part this week. And he came out showing ME how to latch, and we haven’t had a moment’s problem breast feeding. He’s so picky about latching; he works to get it just right, and I don’t have to do a thing! I’m enjoying not being attached to a pump every 3 hours too!

swimming with gigi 072512 (60)LOVE the Aiden and Anais blanket we got as a gift. We were missing out on these before!

He left the hospital with a little jaundice, so he was pretty sleepy for the first few days at home. When we checked it at the pediatrician’s office on Tuesday, it was not much higher than the day before, so he was good to go. Then on Friday at 7 days old, he woke up just enough to give the newborn photographer a hard time! Bless her heart he was not very cooperative!

one week kimberly g photography (1)Kim from Kimberly G Photography – she’s amazing!

At his checkup at 4 days old, he was at 7 lb 7 ounces, just 1 ounce away from his birth weight. Everything looked fine, and we go back next week to check his weight. We also went to my doctor to get my staples out, and the doctor said Leighton was in the clear to get a bath every Saturday. Ha.

swimming with gigi 072512 (29)Leighton at the pool.

The only other place we’ve been this week is the pool! That’s right. We took Blair swimming one early evening, and Leighton and I sat under the porch and watched. I actually got to get some pictures of Blair swimming! It’s usually just the two of us, which makes pictures a bit difficult.

swimming with gigi 072512 (9)swimming with gigi 072512 (26)swimming with gigi 072512 (37)

This week has been a breeze (minus the soreness – my goodness!). My mom and Lin played a major part in that. They stayed several days, then mom took Blair to her house for two days. Bless that sweet child’s heart; I don’t think we could have asked for a better reaction from her. She has been super sweet and extremely helpful. She loves her little brother to pieces already, but she’s not rough with him or trying to tote him around! She kisses him and hugs him and checks on him constantly. “Mama, I’m gon’ go check on Leighton… (off she goes)… He’s okay!” She can’t wait to teach him to talk! I say, whoa now, not too fast!


Candi James said...

Ashlee, I am sorry that I missed these posts!!! I love reading them though. I am happy that Blair is loving on Leighton!!!