Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Kids’ Rooms

We’ve had a fruit basket turnover at our house this summer – all in the middle of watermelon season to boot! I’ve nickeled and dimed Brad to do one thing here and one thing there until we’ve just about got it situated – and when I get impatient (we’ll blame in on nesting!) I just do it myself! We have moved Blair to a larger bedroom, added another twin bed to make a pair, and made the smaller bedroom a nursery again.

The rooms turned out spectacularly!

blair's room 0712 (13)

Blair’s room is not much different as far as design and furniture go. It’s just bigger and has an extra bed. We are still using the curtains from her crib bedding set, as well as the pillows I got with it. Picking a fabric that could grow with her was a really smart move on my part – except I had no idea I was doing it at the time I ordered the crib bedding! Those blackout curtains were not cheap though – even though I bought the fabric and had them made – so it works out great that a. Blair loves blue and b. we are still using them! The only thing really new in here is the blue floral rug from the Land of Nod.

blair's room 0712 (6)The twin beds were my Mema’s. I’m sure they’ll get passed around a good bit among all of us grandchildren!

I still love the paintings that Linsey did. They worked perfectly with the twin beds. (The wall on the right is bigger than the one on the left, so I hung them the same distance from the window, centered over each bed.) Blair picked the bed on the right to sleep in. The center table is from Hobby Lobby, and it was in her nursery.

blair's room 0712 (2)

Her little kitchen fits nicely too!

blair's room 0712 (8)blair's room 0712 (9)Love the oil and vinegar!

I bought a little shelf for $15 at Walmart to stick in the back of Blair’s closet. It’s a great place for her games, puzzles, and stuff that doesn’t fit in her cubbies.

blair's room 0712 (7)

It’s funny that both of the kids have their own closets while Brad and I are sharing one that is not much bigger than theirs! And by the way, Brad’s clothes occupy FAR MORE space in our closet than mine – am I the only one that thinks there’s something weird about that? Granted I am in maternity clothes right now, but even if I weren’t my clothes would still pale in comparison. I spend all of my money on Blair’s! At least she looks cute….

Leighton’s room is a work in progress, but it’s almost there. Brad did a good thing when he painted this entire house in various shades (so he claims!) of taupe. It goes with basically everything, and I’d much rather spend money on décor than paint. This is what you see from the door.

leighton's room 0712 (6)The Orange Honey Bun Rug is from the Land of Nod.

Linsey helped me find the crib bedding fabric, Peak Hour from Riley Blake Designs, and she made the bedding.

riley blake peak hour crib bedding

I think the bedding turned out so cute! The stripe is flannel, and I also have a flannel orange and red polka dot sheet – the same as the blue and green large dot we used on the bumper piping.

leighton's room 2 (3)

The outer side of each bumper is the “tossed cars” fabric in green.

leighton's room 2 (7)

We had no intention of the ties looking like bowties. These were actually the result of a make it work moment (as Tim Gunn would say!), but I think they turned out perfect!

leighton's room 2 (15)

And the crib skirt is actually four separate panels that are pinned to the box springs.

leighton's room 2 (9)

I got the fabulous chevron prints from Zeppi Prints on Etsy. Robin has numerous graphics to choose from and will match colors to whatever you need. I picked graphics and sent her a link to the fabrics I used to give her an idea of what I wanted colorwise. She came back with some options from which I could choose, and my selection was in my mailbox within days!

leighton's room 2 (10)

I’ve got to get Leighton’s curtains done, and I’m hoping that they too will grow with him as he gets older. They will be similar to the car fabric on the crib bedding but with larger cars. I’m thinking they will be easily paired with a solid comforter later.

leighton's room 2 (13)The prints are going to look even better when I get the curtains finished – this is the large car fabric I have for the curtains.

I’m so proud of how it looks!

leighton's room 0712 (10)

The rest of the room is coming along as well. The dresser and hutch that match the bed actually came from Legacy because the quality of Blair’s furniture was so bad. We got all three pieces for just over $100 -- what it cost to ship them to us.  I was going to sell the new bed, make do with Blair’s old one, and just use the new dresser, but I’m so glad Brad went ahead and put the new bed together. It looks like a boy, and we won’t have to fool with Blair’s old one. The green Itso boxes from Target were in Blair’s nursery. I got the orange changing pad cover from the Land of Nod.

leighton's room 0712 (12)

I’m reusing her diaper caddy basket as well. I got both lamps from Target.

leighton's room 2 (19)leighton's room 0712 (4)The lamp on the side table is teal glass. We had the glider with Blair, and the table is from the guest room (Blair’s new room).

Mr. Leighton has his share of clothes as well! I’ve still got to get some more diapers and bath supplies.

leighton's room 2 (17)

My mom got him a paci holder with his name… so cute!

leighton's room 0712 (8)

And we’re all packed and ready to go! Car seat, boppy, gifts for Blair, and packed diaper bag. (Isn’t my JuJuBe BFF diaper bag the best?! I think I’m going to love it!)

leighton's room 0712 (7)

Just waiting on the little man to arrive!


Amy said...

i love the rooms! i wanted to do twin beds in libbi's room SO badly, but jeffrey wouldn't go for it :)
i'm hoping that if/when we have #3 i'll be able to convince him to let the girls share a room and then we can have our twin beds in there. :)

so excited for you and can't wait to see leighton! hope you're hanging in there through this heat!

CHERI said...

I love the colors you chose for L's room. Everything looks great. Hope all goes well...I'm sure it will. Let us know if we can do anything to help.

Julia said...

I am in love! You did a great job on both rooms. Can't wait for leighton's arrival.

Candi James said...

Ashlee you and Brad have done an amazing job!!!! I cannot believe how talented you all are.....from picking out patterns, fabric and sewing and making things work. I love the is perfect! What a beautiful and warm home Leighton will be blessed with!!!

Lynn @whispersfromwildwood said...

Both rooms are adorable! Y'all did a great job.

I can relate to the clothes thing...Scott has way more clothes than me. I've always preferred to spend money on Dillan or my house instead of things for myself....typical for a mama, I guess :)