Thursday, July 12, 2012

Best Guacamole Ever

During this pregnancy I have eaten my share of avocados – in the form of the best guacamole ever. My roommate from college taught me how to make it, and now I use her recipe with a little tweaking to my taste. It’s so yummy… in fact, I could use some about now.

guacamole (1)

Start with a couple of avocados. They should be ripe (softish) but not mushy. Ripe avocados will have black skin instead of green. I have to buy mine ripe because if I buy green ones, I don’t want guacamole anymore by the time they’re ready to use, and they end up going bad!

guacamole recipe (2)

Take a knife and cut lengthwise through the meat to the seed all the way around so that the avocado can be pulled apart. The seed will be on one side.

guacamole recipe (3)guacamole recipe (5)guacamole recipe (6)guacamole recipe (7)

Take a knife and carefully (I’m not responsible for chopped fingers!) but swiftly put the blade into the seed. Then you can work the seed out of the meat with the knife.

guacamole recipe (8)guacamole recipe (9)guacamole recipe (10)guacamole recipe (11)

Or if you don’t want to do the knife trick, you can just dig the seed out with a spoon.

Take a spoon and run it around the meat right next to the skin throughout each avocado half.

making guacamole (3)

Then scoop the meat out in one piece!

making guacamole (4)

My scooped out halves.

making guacamole (5)

For two avocados, finely chop about half of a garlic clove.

making guacamole (6)

Also chop half of a medium sized onion (I like the sweet ones – preferably Vidalia when in season!) and about half of a bunch of cilantro. (This is all to taste. I like my to be very fresh-cilantro-tasting.)

making guacamole (7)

Squeeze in one half to one whole medium lime, depending on the juice.

making guacamole (9)

Add 1/2 teaspoon of salt – I usually taste the final guacamole and add more lime or salt to make it taste like I like it.

making guacamole (10)

With a fork, mash all the ingredients together until well blended.

making guacamole (11)

Looking blended to me!

making guacamole (13)

Serve immediately – and eat it all! Guacamole is not known for its ability to be stored well! (You can cover it in lime juice and plastic wrap, but some of it will still turn brown.)

making guacamole (15)



Mamie said...

this is very similar to how we make guacamole. and we LOVE guacamole! Hope baby Leighton is chugging right along ... can't wait to hear all the things Blair has to say after he gets here!