Monday, July 16, 2012

39 Weeks

39 weeks (1)

How far along? 39 Weeks

Size of baby: Must be really big – he sure shakes my belly! Babycenter says he weighs about as much as a mini watermelon – imagine that! We call those peewees around here!

Maternity clothes? I still prefer my full panel shorts to the band ones that squeeze my lower belly. And my blue and white cotton skirt. Just whatever is comfortable is good!

Sleep: Yes! I still sleep. I think I drive my husband crazy because I actually sleep so well and he doesn’t. I finally started having issues with carpel tunnel last in the last couple of weeks. My right arm is the worst. I wake up with three fingers asleep and painful. But I still sleep well for most of the night. Well, except for this week. Blair has been sick, so I have to get up to check her temperature, fix her nasal cannula when the monitor goes off, and tend to her if she coughs and throws up. We had one night this week I think I was awake more than asleep!

Movement: I think he’s trying to break out himself! In the evenings I really notice him. And when I’m working – I had to stop on Monday because I got a cold, and Dr. J put me on bed rest. That lasted until Blair got sick on Tuesday.

Food cravings: I’m loving guacamole, tomatoes with mayo and BLTs minus the L, fruit, bread, and anything sweet (as usual!).

Symptoms: I’m still feeling good. I was uncomfortable last week, but this week has been pretty good. My pelvic pain is better this week than it has been for several weeks, so I am not in excruciating pain anymore when I turn over at night. I’ve had good energy, which I think took part in my getting sick – I think I worked myself to exhaustion trying to clean and get everything together!

What I miss: Bending down was good. And doing things myself. I have a little trouble waiting on things to get done for me sometimes.

What I’m loving: Spending time with Blair and her talking about the baby. She lifted my shirt yesterday and asked, “Leighton, you want to play hide and seek?” She gets the biggest eyes when we talk about his birthday, and she asks, “When is he gonna pop out?!”

What I am looking forward to: Getting him here – preferably when everyone is well! I was supposed to be induced today, but I’ve been sick, my doctor is sick, and Blair is still running fever. Since it was an elective thing (having to do with a more controlled situation to allow me to get plenty antibiotics that my labor didn’t allow ample time for last time – not that they would have made a difference since Blair was already sick), we’re postponing it! If I go into labor, now that’s a different story!

Milestones: Hopefully not reaching 9 pounds! None that I know of. He’s still high, moving good, being squeezed by braxton hicks regularly.

Best moment this week: It’s been a pretty tough week with everyone being sick. The weekend was good – we had a good time and went to Faegan’s birthday at Gigi’s. Oh, and I found out that I was GBS negative this time, but I’ll still be treated since Blair was sick.


Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

You look great Ashlee! Praying for healing to come into your household and that sweet baby to make his arrival soon!
Take care ;)

Steph said...

Good luck! I never lasted to 39 weeks, lol. I had horrible sciatic nerve problems though!

jana A (@jana0926) said...

Holy moly!! You're 39 weeks already? I'm so glad you've made it this long and that you're GBS- and will be treated anyway :) Can't wait for baby to be here!!