Thursday, June 28, 2012

Whose dog is this?

Blair and Gus. That child loves that dog. He’s basically her best friend. (Thanks to mom and dad who keep her cooped up away from germs for most of the year!) She talks to him, reads to him, and plays with him. And when she hugs him, she says, “I’m lovin’ on ma dawg.”

And she’ll say, “Whose dog is this?” (Because she knows he was mine at one point.) And I’ll answer that he’s mine, and she’ll say, “No, this is MY dog!”

She likes him to be on his “yeash” – even though he really won’t go anywhere without us.

helping the little cottons get up 051412 (3)

Gus has more names than anyone I know. Gus, Gussy, Gustifer, Mutt, Mutt Dog, Herbal (Blair original), Buckey, GusBucket, Brown Dog, Gusbo… And he actually answers to many of them! And Blair continues to make them up.

Finally, after breaking our hearts for months ignoring her, Gus actually comes when Blair calls him, and he’ll “load up” on her bed on command. Hiding seek is the game of choice right now, and this is how I found her and Gus! He always has to play – he hides and hunts!

hide and seek 062512 (1)hide and seek 062512 (3)hide and seek 062512 (4)

The only thing is that she thinks she needs to be told “load up” to get in the Ranger (“Tell me ‘load up,’ Mama!”), and she’s told a friend to “load up” onto something a time or two. Oops. I told her that she couldn’t talk to people like that!

Gus knows and obeys “Gus, go to Blair’s room.”

003And here we have “Gus, get in your kennel.”

He also uses the camera remote to take pictures. (Look how patient he is with her!)

gus taking the pictures 062412 (8)

So glad this baby has “her” dog!

take my picture with gus (and his headband) 050312 (3)


Candi James said...

Gus looks like a good dog and I am glad that Blair has him too! She is about the sweetest child ever and I will never get tired of hearing about her daily lfe :-) Good luck with the watermelons!

Candi James said...

I have read this post a few times ....just makes me smile! Blair is just so cute Ashlee.

Unknown said...

Such a good dog!