Tuesday, June 12, 2012

When the baby bowie comes out...

Blair must be ready to meet her brother and have her normal mommy back. This is what I've heard in the last week.

Mama, when the baby bowie comes out... (with bright wide eyes and nodding head)

...you can jump off the diving board.

...you can wear your yellow bathing suit.

...and you have a little tummy you can jump (rope).

...you can bend down!


Other conversations...

Mama, who's gon' open your tummy and get him out?

The doctor is going to help mommy get him out.

How's he gonna open your tummy and get him out?

I don't know, baby doll.

I think he has a knife!

... ~ ...

Mama, does the baby bowie have a bottom?

Yes ma'am.

Does he have teeth?

Not yet.

Does he have lips?

He does.

Where's his top lip?

Same place yours is!

Well when he comes I'm gonna give him some Chapstick if his lips hurt, okay?


And on the first packing day when she saw we had watermelons in the barn... "the watermelons are here! ...(a pause and then her mouth dropped and eyes widened)...IT'S TIME FOR THE BAAAABEEE!


Amy said...

bless her! so sweet!! and Lord knows i wish my "little tummy came back" after my baby "came out" haha!! :)
how much longer until baby brother is here? soon??

Molly @ View From a Saddle said...

I love that last one! Such a smart girl! We had some pretty funny conversations today that I was going to put on my blog! She's so funny!!

AA said...

Oh I love her!! The last one is great-- and sooo smart!! I can't wait to see this Baby Bowie. ;)