Thursday, June 14, 2012

He has a name!

Same song, different verse for this little one. Everything I suggested to Brad got turned down for weeks on end. And his tolerance for talking about names? About 48 seconds at a time with days in between.

But, it was okay because there was nothing that I was so in love with that I was upset that I got a nay. I really liked Ford, from Brad’s name Bradford, but that one probably got the most adamant “no!” from Bradford himself. “Might as well name him Dodge,” he said. And it was okay because there were others that sounded better with our last name. Which is another issue. There are A LOT of names that don’t work with our last name – especially for a little boy.

And then there was the pressure of finding something as perfect as Blair’s name. We adore her name. It’s her, and it’s not common these days, but it’s not weird either.

After weeks of suggestions on both our parts (Brad did have those that he suggested and I turned down!), several flights with a name book in hand, there was finally ONE name that we both liked. Exactly the same thing happened with Blair. But then Brad wanted to keep it to ourselves for a while “in case we changed our minds.” I assure you that I was SURE we weren’t finding another name we both loved, but I complied.

Now Brad has started telling (and Blair too!), so I’m telling too! We’re getting close to meeting this little one:

Leighton Noble

I’m pleased to say that I’m as thrilled with this name as we were with Blair’s. I wasn’t sure we could do it. I pulled the name from a book initially, but we have a friend with the name (same spelling), and I know one other from my hometown who spells it with “ey.” I got the “I kindof like that” when I mentioned it to Brad for the first time – just like when I mentioned “Blair” 4 years ago. So there it stuck, and there it stays! Finally.

ASHLEE_73And here he is with Brad’s lips and Blair’s cheeks! He looks like me in some pictures; we’ll have to wait and see for sure! Just under 5 weeks to go!


Unknown said...

Great name, Ash! He is already handsome! Congrats!

CHERI said...

That is definitely a "noble" sounding name.

Amy said...

love his name!!! that was on my list of boy names when i wanted an "L" name (before we knew laney was a girl). and i love "noble" as a middle name. such a strong sound to it! what does blair call him?

Steph said...

Like that name!

jmluckie said...

I like it.

Candi James said...

What a WONDERFUL NAME!!!! That is so good and different but not strange! Y'all did good.

I wish I could hear Blair's conversations is unbelievable where her lil' mind takes her.

She just makes my heart swell to think about her.

So happy for all of YOU!

Candi James said...

That sonagram is amazing too. I've never seen one that far into pregnancy! Wow! He is such a sweet gift from the Lord Above.