Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother’s Day and Daddy’s Birthday

We had a busy Mother’s Day. After sunday school, we headed to my parents’ house to see them and my Pop who was visiting for the weekend.

mothers day brads bday 051312 (1)Watching Blair get her toenails painted.

mothers day brads bday 051312 (7)My sweet girl. So happy to be her mommy!

Brad’s birthday fell on Mother’s Day this year, and since I had to work Saturday, Blair and I worked on his cake while we were at Gigi’s.

mothers day brads bday 051312 (11)

We had supper that night at Brad’s parents’ house. Blair loves when her daddy’s home, and she was so excited about singing to him on his birthday!

mothers day brads bday 051312 (13)

We had a great day!


Candi James said...

This was sweet! I love that she is always helping y'all in the kitchen. She will probably grow up to be an outstanding cook like her Gigi and her mama. Mr. Ashbey sure has not aged either Ashlee, well maybe a tad....but he looks so much like he did 35 years ago!!! I love reading about "the life of Blair" and how fun it is going to be when she has that little one to take care of :-)!