Monday, May 14, 2012

{black}Berry good day!

Blair and I had the best (busy!) day today. She sacked out as soon as I put her to bed tonight. She didn’t even want a sippy cup of water – that is HUGE!

This morning we played inside with her magnetic dolls – clothing is great to work on “s” and “sh” sounds – as well as “dr”! We did a few things around the house and played draw something on the ipad – also great for “dr,” so that works out nicely.

She wanted to ride the ranger, so we headed out to look at the pig next door (we do this weekly) and the watermelons. We have one field that is coming on fast. Watermelons have never been there before, and that means they will grow really well. I have a post about this coming up as well!

First we ran in to Brad. He was walking across one of the fields on the way to the watermelon field I wanted to see. At first I could not figure out why some guy would be walking across a huge dirt field, and then I saw his truck! Checking his cotton… I should’ve known!

helping the little cottons get up 051412 (1)

So he and Blair get to “helping the little cottons come up.” This is just a fun thing for her to scratch the dirt off of the top of the seedlings.

helping the little cottons get up 051412 (17)helping the little cottons get up 051412 (18)

helping the little cottons get up 051412 (22)

Back to the watermelons. On the way we ran into some blackberry bushes. It didn’t even dawn on me that it was time for them. So I picked a few and asked Blair if she wanted to make a cobbler for daddy. I thought I could get two cups easily enough. The first ones we looked at were even in the shade and some at eye level – pregnant mama loved that!

blackberries in the shade! 051412 (1)

Blair started picking and couldn’t really get to many without getting scratched, so she became the cup holder. All I had was a Tervis Tumbler I had been drinking water out of. We filled that up, and I went a looking for something else to put them in. I ended up with a huge zipper plastic bag from the glove box that held some documents for the Ranger. Yes!

blackberries in the shade! 051412 (6)blackberries in the shade! 051412 (9)

Blair was so cute… As I was picking and handing them to her, she’d say “THANK you, mama! I really like ‘em!” over and over again. We got what I estimated to be 4 cups pretty quickly – yummy cobbler in our future!

blackberries in the shade! 051412 (11)

We headed on to the watermelon field where they are looking good!

watermelons coming on 051412 (1)

watermelons coming on 051412 (8)Are they this big mama?

I let Blair pick one of the pollinator melons. She was so proud.

watermelons coming on 051412 (22)watermelons coming on 051412 (30)

And she licked it.

We headed back for lunch and a nap. When we got back to the house, she hesitated for a moment while sitting in the Ranger. Then she said, “I’m thinking about red peanut butter” (creamy). We made grilled pb&j sandwiches. Then she even told me she was ready to go night night, and she wanted to get in the bed by herself. :( And she did. Covers and all.

When she woke up, she wanted milk. She lay in there a little while longer (very usual for her to lie there for a bit before she calls us), and then I hear, “Mama, I’m hiding! Come find me!” She was still in her bed. She told me to “go check all the other places.” So I went about the house asking was she here and there. I finally made it back to her bed and “found” her. She said, “I’m hiding again; you come find me. Check all the other places first.” She’s still in the bed. So I repeat.

I asked her if she had a good night night: “I sure did!”

We made the blackberry cobbler and then went swimming for a little bit. When we got back, we made a pizza. She wanted “hauce, onions, and cheese” on her piece. When I gave it to her, she gave me her most dramatic “thank you HO much!” And she ate every bit. Plus a whole banana “like mama eats it” (biting it off instead of chopped) and some cheetos that were on the table from lunch.

Then she got to talking about the baby. We have these conversations often. She is so excited and has gotten a good picture of baby life from my sister and niece.

B: What’s the baby bowie going to eat?

Me: Mama’s milk.

B: And he’s gonna have to have a milk breathing treatment when he comes tomorrow! (Everything future is tomorrow; the past is last night, yesterday, or the other day.)

She is referring to a breast pump. “Milk breathing treatment.” She’s seen my sister’s, and she named it a breathing treatment from the start.

Such a funny day – like always with this happy one!


Jennifer said...

So precious....I love the pic of Blair holding the watermelons that she picked. :-)

Mamie said...

What a fun day! I miss the blackberry bushes from my parents house ... they are the best when they're hot straight from a sunny bush!
Oh, and I love that she LICKED the watermelon?!?!?! (but won't get her hands dirty??? haha!)