Sunday, April 15, 2012


Friday Blair and I went to the nail place for a pedicure. She is really into painting her toenails, and though she won't sit still all day long, she'll sit as quiet as a mouse to get her nails painted!

pedicure 041312 (8)pedicure 041312 (11)

She requested orange polish and a flower on her big toe. And she concentrated on that flower being painted!

pedicure 041312 (16)

She talked and talked to the girl, asking where her orange was, what she was doing, where she was going each time she got up.

And then she sat while they dried!

pedicure 041312 (18)pedicure 041312 (21)

pedicure 041312 (24)

They’re pretty now, but I assure you with they way this one plays outside, they won’t last long!


AA said...

She is the cutest!!! What a fun thing to do with her. I love her smiles AND her concentration face. Sweet!

Candi James said...

Love these pictures!