Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Toddler vs Rooster

A month after the fact it's easier to think about. But I will tell you that Blair's being flogged by our rooster scared me to death. Forget being a nurse; I was terrified.

I was right there. Right next to her. I just didn't snatch her up in time. It was like slow motion. I knew it was happening. All i had to do was reach down and grab her, but I couldn't do it fast enough.

And this is what we ended up with. He hit her right on the nose. And I was right behind her - she was right in front of my legs. I know we're blessed it wasn't worse.

He was young. We had never had problems with him. But they got attacked by a dog not long before, and that's the only thing I could think of that might have made him more on edge than he used to be. But maybe not.

It happened, it's over, she's fine, and we have no more rooster.

Now when I post my beach pictures, you'll know the whole story behind the eyes. I can't tell you how many people stared and asked. And when I told them, they said, "What?!" and really started listening.


Amy said...

oh ashlee! i'm so sorry. i know the momma guilt is one of the worst parts of it. so so thankful blair is okay. i can't imagine how terrifying that must have been.
and on a totally unrelated note...did you see the link that i "tweeted" to you? :)

jmluckie said...

Hope you fried him and let Blair gnaw on one of his legs.

mountain mama said...

wow, bless her heart. bless your heart.

Candi James said...

Oh my goodness! I cannot believe it Ashlee!!! I am sorry! Yes! Thank the Good Lord it wasnt any worse!

Dana said...

That's so scary. I've read about roosters and small children. We have two roosters. They've never bothered anyone, I think because they are too busy chasing each other around.

But they still make me a little nervous because you just never really know.

Glad she's OK.

Lynn @whispersfromwildwood said...

Bless her little heart..I know you had to be terrified. I had to get rid of a rooster like that one time too. Every time I went in the pen to get the eggs he'd try to attack me!

Glad she's ok.

Katie said...

I have learned that nursing skills can go right out the window when you are a mama! The first time NK got strangled while nursing I completely forgot what to do! I am glad Blair didn't get hurt any worse! I hate roosters, I got chased by one as a little girl and have been terrified ever since!