Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Smiles

We are always smiling with this little one in the house. It’s going to be neat to see how she reacts with another little one! Here are some of the latest Blair “things.”

We have renewed our obsession with taking the dogs to the pond. Only now the pond has “ewwww” in it, and the “ewwww” gets on everything. (Ewwww might be Buddy’s slobber, which there is plenty of, green stuff from the pond, whatever. She loves saying it.)

“Mama, chill. Herious. I’m trying to cook this!” (Serious – we’re still putting H for S at the beginning!)

sweet girl and the cinnamon melts 031012 (4)Baby girl loves some cinnamon melts from McDonalds. She either eats them with a napkin or with a fork – can’t get those hands sticky! And notice the napkin so her dress stays clean too!

Blair sleeps on the old-fashioned unfolded cloth diapers. She puts them right on her pillow. While we were in Florida, I went up to get Blair after her nap one day, and she told me that she had turned her blanket over so it would be cold.

crystal baby shower (6)

Gigi and Blair were discussing her favorite M&Ms. “Purple?” Gigi asked. “Gigi, they don’t have purple, silly!”

She has named Gus “Herbal” and me “Haga Waga.” Gus gets called Herbal Mutt Dog, Mutt Lab, Tuppy Herbal. You name it. Whatever she makes up, she mixes together to call him. And she loves him to pieces. She loves all over him – wollers all over him too --  and tells him he smells good. And he sleeps in her room every night and nap time. If he’s not in there, we hear from her room after putting her to bed, “YOU WANT GUS IN HERE!”

The “you” thing is funny. She says “I,” but she also uses “you” a good bit to refer to herself, especially when requesting something. ie the middle of the night… “DADA, YOU WAAANT SOME MIIIILK!”

all the blue in the drawer 031912 (10)The birthday owl dress… whenever she talks about someone’s birthday party, she says that she’s going to put on her “owl birthday dress.”

When I asked her a question while were were at the Speech School this week, she answered, “I can’t know.”

My parents have a cattle gap at the beginning of their driveway, and Blair uses her favorite word “kadoonk” to describe the bump when driving over. We also let her drive down the driveway, so now well before we get to the turn it’s, “Mama, do NOT go kadoonk in Gigi’s driveway! I want to drive!”

Speaking of driving, we’re on the road a lot. Speech, Atlanta appointments, going to Gigi’s, etc. It amazes me how she knows where we’re going. She’ll say at the interstate, “you turn right here to go to Gigi’s.” And she knows how to get home from the barn. She knows where a lot of places are. Fascinating how observant kids are.

double run 040112 (29)She’s getting pretty good at taking pictures!

She has started calling Brad “Brad-da.”

JPEG Image (242812)She loves icing and batter, just like her mama!

She plays on the ipad like a pro. She loves the Dr. Seuss books, some Christmas cookie and tree decorating games (especially the cookies because she gets to add ingredients and stir the batter). She also likes Temple Run, which she calls “Mister” because Brad says, “run mister run!” while she plays. We have speech app that is wonderful. It came with “p,” and we’ve purchased the “b” and “s” modules.

And her speech continues to make leaps and bounds in improvement! Here she is singing one evening coming back from riding the ranger on one of our farms. She loves to sing!

Blair singing