Monday, April 2, 2012

Speech and Hearing Update

We’re still working! Blair is coming along. She’s still got a lot of things to work on, but she works so hard and makes continuous progress.

She is saying d and t very well now. The only place we have trouble is in blends: drink, twinkle, etc. She usually uses the back -- G or K -- instead of the correct sound.

diva driver 020812 (13)

She puts S and SH on the end of words. We’re still working on the beginning. She’ll say it if I make her, but it’s a battle. The end S is now coming on its own though.

We’re working on F, TH, S/SH in the middle of words, and still hitting on some of the things she’s been doing. She’s still nasal on her “oo” like “you” and “do.” I just have to remind her.

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I think her vocabulary is coming along great. Everyone says she’s so growny! I think she lacks some things by not being around other kids, but that’s okay. Overall she’s doing great, and I think she’s where she needs to be. Plus, my friend took her child to visit the pre-K class that the special ed coordinator and speech teacher want Blair to attend next year, and he was sick three days later. No thank you! I know it’s going to happen to Blair when we decide start school, but we can wait until she can handle that a little better! After January’s cold (that lasted forever and put her back on full-time O2 for over a week), we know we’re still not ready to be around others without extreme caution.

The only issue we’ve had lately is her asking us to repeat things. She says, “Again?” I don’t know if it’s a habit or if she really is not hearing as well as she was, but I have her scheduled for a hearing test this week to check. She’s still making progress with speech, but her asking worries me. Usually, if I ask her to repeat what I said she will, but sometimes she gets it wrong. We’ll see what they say after her test.

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I hope she’ll be getting new hearing aids soon. Phonak released a new version of her aids last fall – a water resistant version! Blair is very good about protecting her aids, but water resistant would be a great option for us – especially with summer coming. It’s so humid here, and I think the humidity wears on her aids.

I think that’s about it for now. I don’t know what I’d do without all of the folks who have helped us thus far – especially the Atlanta Speech School, our GA PINES parent advisor, and most of all our precious Mamie about whom I cannot say enough good things. We’re blessed to still have her working with us! All of these people have taught me so much that allows me to really work with Blair at home – without being too boring!

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Linsey said...

Go blair! Precious pics!

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

That is GREAT news! Yea Blair!

She is so precious. I love all the pics, you can see she has a BIG personality!!

Janice said...

Glad she is making progress... Hope you are worried for nothing & that waterproof aids are in your future!

AA said...

The pics with the glasses kill me...both the serious one and the smiling one. Go Blair and Go Ash and Brad for working so hard with her! You are her champion...she is blessed to have you. Hope the tests go well and let me know what they say! I will call you tonight if I don't have to go this dinner and if so, tomorrow night?

Candi James said...

Oh Ashlee! These pictures of Blair are just what I need!!! I have missed seeing her pretty smile. I sure hope the hearing test come out okay. She is such a special little girl! Your devotion to her is making all the difference! I wish I could see her and hear her right this minute!!