Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It’s a Pish!

I was home all weekend last weekend so we played outside a good bit. We tried to fish on Saturday, but the ladies who were at our barn pond sitting right next to us were tearing up the bream while we sat with a floating cork. And that lasts all of about 10 minutes with Miss Busy.

Sunday afternoon we went fishing with daddy, and Blair caught a nice fish!

fishing 041512 (2)fishing 041512 (12)fishing 041512 (7)fishing 041512 (8)She was so excited!

And then she ate him for supper. This girl loves some “pish”!


Candi James said...

Oh How Cute! Fun times with Ms. Busy! Love that smile!

AA said...

Go Blair!!

Jennifer said...

Fishing with little ones is so much fun...good memories.