Sunday, April 1, 2012

The First Easter Egg Hunt

I have to work the entire weekend of Easter this year. Disappointing to say the least. And, today was the first day I’ve been to church in probably two months. For that long I’ve either been working or out of town on the weekends. So I guess I’ll miss Easter too. I’m really tired of missing. My class is going to do the Dave Ramsey financial study, and I hate to even think about it because I can only be there every other week. The every other weekend working is not too fun, huh? I also have to work the entire Masters. Every. Single. Day. Not so crazy about that either.

But lets talk about fun things. This year, I felt like it would be okay for Blair to attend her first public Easter egg hunt. She’s pretty good about washing her hands and keeping her hands off of her face, so I thought we might try it. (Bless her heart, she even rubs her eyes with her arm if I remind her that her hands are dirty. She tries so hard.) And she LOVES Easter. She talks about hunting eggs all year round. I think she likes it better than Christmas! The only hunt she’s ever been to is the one for her and her cousin last year at her Grandmom’s house. And she talks about it all the time. For a while she thought every time we went over there we were supposed to hunt for eggs!

The only issue is that I have to work next weekend, and there really wasn’t a hunt in our area this weekend. So what does a mama do? She has one of her own!

I decided late Friday to invite a couple of kids over for a hunt at our house. Our yard is huge and perfect for an Easter egg hunt. So Blair and I set out to the “dolla stowa” to get some supplies to decorate our first eggs ever.

She had a blast with the dye and the eggs. We did “tie-dyed” eggs first. They were easy because we dropped the dye in a bag with the egg.

easter eggs! 033012 (2)Always animated. Always happy.

easter eggs! 033012 (4)So proud.

We used the tabs next. She didn’t want to use the yellow!

easter eggs! 033012 (6)easter eggs! 033012 (7)

We got some good colors! We used light blue and light brown eggs from our chickens, and they turned out great!

easter eggs! 033012 (15)

We even put some tattoos on a few. This was not so easy!

easter eggs! 033012 (20)

The hunt got rained out yesterday, so we hid the eggs this afternoon for Blair and three friends. It was just right. I probably did 10 dozen eggs, and the four of them found them in no time!

our first easter egg hun 040112 (6)our first easter egg hun 040112 (15)

our first easter egg hun 040112 (20)our first easter egg hun 040112 (29)our first easter egg hun 040112 (33)

My Mema had a neighborhood hunt every year growing up. We loved it. I had so much fun today, and Blair loves hunting so much that I think we’ll try it again next year for the kids around here – just with a little more planning! I’m looking forward to a new tradition!

And I may not make it to the Masters this week, but we have egg salad!


Julia said...

She is so cute. I love that she loves to hunt eggs so much. We took Perron to his first hunt yesterday and he loved it.

CHERI said...

Our church is having a hunt on Sat. if someone wants to bring her.

AA said...

You look great, Ash!!! What a cute and smart idea to have your own hunt. Fun day!