Thursday, March 1, 2012

BlairBo and BeeAy

Blair’s imagination is running wild lately. She has been playing imaginative play for a while now, but she is taking it to a new level.

She is making up names for us and words for everything. Most of the words sound the same. Gee-ay, bee-ay, me-ay… and on. She calls me one of them and her daddy another.

getting the baby some water and ice 02062012 (4)Getting the baby “water” and “ice” with a pump flange.

She rides her tricycle like a pro. And she goes around the house wanting Brad to chase her with her wooden duck. And she’s made up places in the house she named Gus’s house and Buddy’s house. “Let’s go to Buddy’s house, mama.” And she’s off to her room.

We’ve moved out of the “going bananas” phase and into the phase of all things Blairbo. Her Andad started Blairbo, and now she refers to herself as Blairbo on a regular basis: “What is that Blairbo doing?” “Where is Blairbo?” It’s Blairbo everything! Even, “My name is Blairbo.”

gus jumping the bushes 020712 (17)She thinks Gus jumping into the bushes after the ball is hilarious.

The girl’s repertoire of songs is amazing. She sings herself to sleep some nights, and I love it. She loves Skip to My Lou. She still sings Old MacDonald with the Yeah! on the end, Twinkle Twinkle, and the Itsy Bitsy Spider. She also loves I see the Moon, and You are my Sunshine although she doesn’t know that one yet. She sings This Old Man and wants me to say the rhyming part because she only knows the first verse.

She is really into the ABCs right now and can sing the song as well as point out about 20 capital letters. I haven’t pushed her on learning her letters, but right now she is soaking them up. She points them out everywhere – especially D for Dadda! She wanted me to circle ALL of the D’s in the Kelly’s Kids spring catalog.

taking pictures of each other and gus 02022012 (4)

She is very into reading right now as well. Favorite books: The old standbys Brown Bear Brown Bear, Goodnight Moon, The Big Red Barn, and the Where is Baby’s… books. She also now loves Llama Llama Red Pajama and Mad at Mama, Cat in the Hat, Mr. Brown Can Moo, Green Eggs and Ham, and the Dr. Seuss ABC book.

She told me about her broiled tilapia: “Mmm that’s good clown fish!”

She’s all about forgetting things. If I tell her that we need to go do laundry, she’ll say: “We poh-got.” She also uses “I think…” and “Maybe…” She sounds so growny!

She sits down at the table to eat supper and says, “I say I’m enjoyed it in a minute.”

She’s already putting on her bathing suit. Even over her clothes.

lou lou, talking to daddy, and the fashion gal 01302012 (2)

While shopping with Gigi, she told Gigi that these are “cute clothes.” She picked out some and said she needed a light blue bow to match. (And we in fact do not have a light blue bow.)

One night we had french bread on the table for supper, and I told Brad how yummy suppers were in Spain when we had bread every meal! A few minutes later Brad asked Blair, “Do you know where they eat bread every day?” She answered without hesitation, “Subway!”

She says please for most everything. And an energetic “THANKS!” or “thank you SO much.”

girly girl tractor driver 020412 (1)One of her shoes (from the pedal pressing foot!) and her ball thrower in the back!

I love when we lie on my bed and she uses me lying on my side as the back of her chair to watch her movies. That’s about as close to cuddling we get with Miss Busy!

She grabbed Gus with her arm all the way around his neck and got up real close to him: “Gus, you hungry? You want me and dada to feed you?”

feeding gus 012912 (4)Sweet Gus is so patient and lets her feed him by hand.

After having his knee surgery, Blair told me that Andad had a booboo on his knee and that he had a “long john” bandaid on it. I guess it did sort of look like long johns!

I’ve been sick, so we had to ship Blair off. I talked to her on the phone and told her I didn’t feel good. She said, “Are you going to the hospital?” I told her no, and she asked, “Are you going to the doctor?” I told her I was just going to stay home and drink lots of water. She said, “You feel better after you sleep?” And then she wanted to know if I was coming to get her. I hate being away from her on my days off, but if she stays well, it’s worth it.

That’s just a little of her for my memory. I already have another pile of stuff I need to post!