Thursday, March 22, 2012

“The Baby Bowee”

We thought Blair wasn’t going to like finding out she was going to have a baby brother, but she has fully embraced the idea of a “baby bowee” in the house.

“What’s the baby bowee doing?”

He’s swimming around in there?

“Can we buy him a little bitty tiny bathing suit?!” (With her thumb and her index finger up in front her eye as if she were saying how small something was.)

~ . ~ . ~

When we went to have the ultrasound in Macon, I told her we were going to see the baby. She said, “But we poh-got my old bayed (bed)!” She thought we were bringing him home!

~ . ~ . ~

And we also hear:

“Can I touch the baby bowee?”

“When it gets Christmastime again and I wear Christmas tights and sing the Christmas tree song, will the baby bowee be here?”

“Is it baby time?”

~ . ~ . ~

Now that we’re buying clothes here and there for the new baby boy (who still has no name --  or one can say he has many because of all the ones we have thrown around the last few months!) Blair is even more excited. She says, “want to see if the baby bowee likes it?” And she holds it up to my stomach. This includes small shoes that she unvelcroed and pretended to put each one on opposite sides of my belly button.

~ . ~ . ~

We were in the dollar store where she spotted some bibs: “Oh, I need to get a bib for my baby brother!” So we did.

~ . ~ . ~

She wants to call him Dadda. This is the newest in the line of her names for him. The first was Old McDonald then Yellow Movie in honor of her favorite KidSongs DVD.

~ . ~ . ~

When we’re walking, and I’m carrying her on my hip, she’ll reach down and touch my belly, and say, “I’m holding the baby bowee.”

~ . ~ . ~

She’s going to be such a little helper!


Marie said...

She is going to be such a sweet big sister! And the age difference is great - old enough to be a big help!

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Awwww.that is so cute~ Going to be such a big helper!!

Candi James said...

Ashlee, those are about the sweetest times with Blair ever! She is such a blessing and such a sweetheart! The love between those two children will so special and sincere!

CHERI said...

Hope the pregnancy is going well. Wish I could have better helped you with a name but I'm sure the right one will come along. Reid wanted his baby sister to come too...until she got here, then he was ready to send her back. He still feels that way sometimes I think!!!!