Saturday, February 4, 2012

Oh my patience.

I usually have lots of patience. I taught high school. I had to have lots of patience. And I do. But when it comes to babies, not so much.

I called and made a last minute appointment for an early ultrasound at the same place we went when I was pregnant with Blair. I only had another week to wait to find out what we were having, but my doctor’s machine is so old, I decided to go ahead and get a good ultrasound with some good pictures! I might as well since I had one with Blair. We want everything to be fair, right?!

baby boy 16 weeks 020412 (2)

So… we had to wait a few minutes for the sweet baby to stop sleeping like big sister – face down and booty to the sky – to find out that we’re having…

a boy!!

We are thrilled. I would have been thrilled with another girl too, but I hope that this one will be my buddy. Blair pretty much gives me the cold shoulder when daddy’s around.

Brad and I haven’t even discussed names at all. We didn’t talk names with Blair until we knew she was a girl. So that part is still to come. I hope naming our little boy will be as easy as naming Blair. I still adore her name, and it just came up out of the blue one day while I was looking through a name book. It was the first one I had suggested that Brad liked, and we got stuck on it. We’re so glad we did!

I guess I’ll spare the poor child and not show everyone his little boy parts, but here’s a great profile shot of our little one!

baby boy 16 weeks 020412 (18)

My very first blog post included a picture just like this of Blair. How time flies.


Unknown said...

So exciting Ash!! Glad you are feeling great!

Amy said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! SO excited. everyone says there's NOTHING like the love between a little boy and his momma! :)

Unknown said...

Congrats Ash!!!

CHERI said...

Little boys can drive you crazy one minute then you want to eat them with a spoon the next. So glad now ya'll get one of each!

Candi James said...

Wow those pictures are awesome Ashlee. Happy for all of you!

Unknown said...

how wonderful! little boys are the BEST :) congratulations!!!

mountain mama said...

congrats :)