Saturday, January 21, 2012

Watermelon Baby

Looks like this summer in addition to loads of watermelons, we’ll be having loads of fun with a new little one in our family! We’re expecting a new baby in July – and not a bit sooner!

I’ve been doing great. I feel exactly the same as I did when I was pregnant with Blair. I haven’t been sick at all. I was hungry a lot actually, but for several weeks I had a hard time thinking of something I actually wanted to eat. And I’ve been tired – night shift or baby, who knows! All of that has passed now, and we’re moving along quickly it seems. I’ve seen the baby three times already on an ultrasound – love those things!

Blair doesn’t quite get the whole thing, but she knows that when watermelons come we’ll be getting a “Faegan” – my new niece’s name – her only experience with a new baby. She’s great with Faegan, so I expect she’ll be equally as sweet with this one!

12 weeks (2)Blair helps me take belly pictures. She’s the remote guru. This is 12 weeks. Still wearing regular clothes, but I live in scrubs and loungewear when at home!

We’re excited and looking forward to finding out girl or boy hopefully next month! Maybe I’ll get a Mama’s girl or boy because Blair is a “Dada do it!” kind of girl!


CHERI said...

I'm hoping for a BOY but as long as he/she is healthy, it doesn't matter:)

jana A (@jana0926) said...

SQUEE!! Congratulations! Will be praying for a long, healthy pregnancy for you!

Amy said...

aaaaah!!! i am so excited for y'all!!! i almost missed this post as i was skimming through my reader. so glad i clicked on it! i know blair will be an awesome big sister! praying for a healthy and FULL term pregnancy for you! can't wait to follow along!

Candi James said...

So happy for you and your family Ashlee. Blair is going to be the best big sister ever! It's funny that her version of the baby is that she will be getting a "Faegan"!

The Buford Family said...

Congrats Ashley! That is so exciting and such a little blessing! We are expecting too, and due July 9th!!! So glad you are feeling great, I have been feeling the opposite! Best wishes through out the rest of the pregnancy and hope sweet Blair transitions well :)

Jen said...

SOOOOO excited for your family!!! and definitely praying for a FULL TERM baby!!!! :-)