Thursday, January 19, 2012

January 2013? We’ll pass.

For the third January in a row, Blair is sick. Last year wasn’t so bad – she didn’t even need extra oxygen. But the year before was bad (we actually had bad ones in January and April 2010, which was the last bad one), and this year has been another doozy. We’ll skip January 2013, thank you very much.

By the numbers: fever for 11 days (and counting, but now we’re low-grade), 103 axillary max temp (on an airplane – yikes! I almost had a panic attack), 5 days straight sleeping, 3 trips to Macon (one to the ER and two to see the amazing staff at Blair’s doctor’s office), 9 hours in the ER, 5 days at my parents’ house (my mama is awesome), umpteen extra breathing treatments, 1 mama begging for an oxygen concentrator for the plane so we could get home from Hawaii, and 1 liter of oxygen at night.

january cold (5)Thursday when we got home, she didn’t feel all that great, but she was so happy to see Gus.

Long story short… she started with fever on Monday in Hawaii, we got home Thursday, her chest got super nasty on Friday, and she pretty much slept until Tuesday. Wednesday she was finally talking some and acting more herself, and today she was back getting into everything but still really touchy! Whew!

It all started the day we left for Hawaii. I felt something in my chest – such a weird way to start a cold. I usually start with a sore throat. This is the first cold I’ve had since I can remember. We are careful. We wash hands. We cough in our elbows. We work hard. But this cold was too tough for us. Blair, Brad, and Brad’s mom all got it. And it’s a bad one.

january cold (4)Living on Gigi’s couch for several days!

We tried to get an early flight home from Hawaii, but I couldn’t manage a thing. It worked out well though because I had to get oxygen secured for the plane, and it was not going to be easy. I had oxygen set up in the hotel in case of an emergency, but I didn’t set it up for the plane. That was a big deal, it was expensive, and she had hardly used oxygen at all in the last several months. So I begged and pleaded. Thankfully the only place on Oahu that had a concentrator we could take on the plane let us use it and take more batteries than they could spare. The Lord was taking care of us, folks.

january cold (3)Monday: one of the first smiles we got during the whole thing.

We got on the plane. I had given Blair tylenol 30 minutes prior to boarding. I stuck the thermometer under her arm. 103. I had a small internal panic attack. I sent Brad (during taxi) to wet her blanket for her head. I gave her ibuprofen. I took her temp every 30 seconds it seemed. It finally started coming down. I kept asking her if she was okay – “ye’ ma’am.” My sweet child.

january cold (1)Tuesday: oranges!

We made it home and ended up in the ER on Friday. Since we have all the supplies at home, Blair’s doctor let us go home to ride it out. But it was almost midnight, and Brad was starting to get sick. We camped at my mom’s. Then I had to work. I called out on Thursday and had to go if at all possible on Sunday. Blair seemed to be stable with what we were doing so I left her with mom and headed to work for three days.

january cold (2)Wednesday: At Gigi’s we eat M&Ms for breakfast.

Although she felt really really crummy, this time wasn’t quite as bad as the last. She hasn’t needed oxygen 24/7, which is what has happened in the past. She also has not been breathing quite as fast. The last cold, she kept a really high respiratory rate -- from 60 – 80 breaths per minute. She’s older now, so she should be slower, but she stayed lower than 50 and mostly around 40. I hope this is all saying that her lungs are at least a little better than they were!

We are thankful to be on the mend. She even got in trouble a few times today, so… she’s back! We appreciate those who have prayed for Blair, and we are certainly thankful for the entire staff at Blair’s doctor’s office. When Blair is sick (and probably normally!) I drive them crazy, I know, but they are so patient with me and treat us like we are their only patient. And they love my baby.


Amy said...

poor blair and poor y'all! so sad that it had to happen in hawaii too! i can't imagine! libbi's been sick these past few days with a nasty fever and virus and i've been a wreck. i ask her constantly, " are you okay?" and she says, "i o-tay" it's pitiful. i can't imagine handling all that you have and having a sick husband and being pregnant - whew!!! take care of yourself and hope everyone is feeling healthy and 100% soon!!!

Candi James said...

Ashley how awful this time has been for all of you! The cold that went around was EVERYWHERE. It was not anything you could have done to prevent are a good mama and it shows to all. God Bless that Blair. She is about the cutest and sweetest child ever. I love that her smile big or small. So happy she is feeling better.