Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Big Girl Bed

At three years three months, Blair is finally out of her crib. And Brad said I was pushing her. (I think I did great!)

She got bedding for Christmas (her main gift from Santa), and we are using my Mema’s twin beds, one of which she slept on as long as I knew her.

big girl bed 122611 (2)The big helper getting to the job.

big girl bed 122611 (7)The child loves a measuring tape.

I found the cutest bedding set at the Land of Nod that was affordable and matched her curtains. Blair loves blue, so the quilt is blue. She calls it her “blue bay-ed.” (The girl knows she is southern!) I used the paisley fabric of her crib bedding for blackout drapes in her nursery. It’s such a great fabric that has a lot of her favorite color, so I wanted to stick with them. I also used the pillows that matched her crib bedding.

big girl bed 122611 (12)big girl bed 122611 (13)Isn’t it cute?! She wanted a blue owl for Christmas, so that gift came in the form of the pillow.

big girl bed 122611 (15)Happy about her new bed!

It turned out so cute – and the best part: Blair loves it! I was so worried about messing up a good thing. We have a good sleeper, and we waited so long because we didn’t want to make any changes to that. Since she started climbing in her bed recently (but not out), I thought the time was right.

When the new baby comes, we’ll set up the other bed in the larger back bedroom and redo Blair’s current small room for the nursery.

big girl bed 122611 (17)Her first big girl bed nap. No problem in the sleep department – except the curtains. I was out doing laundry (on the porch outside her window) one day during her nap and looked up to see her perched on top of her headboard looking out the window!

What’s really funny is that she still calls us to come get her after naps and in the morning. She has yet to get out of the bed by herself! I know it won’t be long!


jmluckie said...

Good job on the room.Looks great.

Katie said...

It looks so cute! Arabelle still doesn't get out of bed without calling us and she's been in the big bed for over a year!

The Lucy Family said...

That is absolutely adorable! Love it! We will be doing this in about 3 months & I'm nervous because Sarah Kate loves her crib and is an excellent sleeper. But you give me hope that it can be done with lots of success! She's darling=)

Linsey said...

I looks so good! Love that picture of her sleeping!

Candi James said...

Ashlee, her bedding is adorable!! Just perfect for her! I love the picture of her laying there with that big "Blair" smile. She will love being a big sister too. So glad she is getting better too!

CHERI said...

Trey did the same thing when he was little. He wouldn't get out of bed until he called us to come get him. It was nice on Sat. mornings when I wanted to sleep in:) Of course, he finally figured it all out! The bed looks great...and so sweet that it was Memaw's.

Julia said...

So precious! I love Land of Nod stuff. It is so durable and a good price. We just moved Perron to his big boy bed this weekend since baby brother's arrival is rapidly approaching. We have convinced him that he does not have the ability to get out of the big boy bed by himself so all he has to do is call for us. So far so good!

portable crib bedding said...

It looks so cute! great job!