Saturday, November 19, 2011

Our Best Toddler Toys: A Gift Guide

This time of year everyone is looking for great gifts for loved ones. Blair has several items that we’ve bought over the years that stand out over all of the others. These range widely in both price and age, but they are all things that she plays with at 3. Some of these are just girl things, but most of them are for either girls or boys.

I would call the B Toys Pop-Arty beads a BEST BUY. They are available at Target for under $20. They have provided HOURS of entertainment for all of us. Actually, all of the B Toys stuff is great.

b toys pop beads

The Anywhere Chair by Pottery Barn Kids is a must have. When my friend told me to get one for Blair, I hesitated, wondering how she could possibly love a chair. Well she does! She got it right after she turned 1 and still adores it.


005 The chair has many purposes!

The Green Toys tea set, cookware, and dining set: AWESOME quality toys that we love. These are available at Pottery Barn Kids,, and the Land of Nod. Great stuff out of recycled milk cartons. Made in the USA. (Images from


 teagroupTea Set



Cooking and Dining set


I believe in playing outside, and this is one of our outside favorites. The Step2 Up and Down Roller Coaster. It can be an inside toy too, but we have it in our yard. We got this for Blair’s second birthday. She can do it all herself, or we play along and push her back up the ramp.


sliding rolling and riding 030611 (28)sliding rolling and riding 030611 (44)

The foldable tents are another indoor/outdoor favorite.


The B Toys Dr. Doctor medical kit. Not only does Blair love to play with it, it has also held up well, and she has learned a lot about to expect when we go to the doctor. She knows what each tool does, and they are very familiar to her when we’re at the real thing! These are at Target.

b toys medical kit

For a year now, we have played with the Play-doh Puppies Play Set. Under $20 (under $10 if you get it on sale!) and hours upon hours of dog food making! I like to pick more original toys, but this one couldn’t be left out.

play doh puppy setimage

Green Start puzzles, especially the pink house.


image from


A cute gift we got recently is a little Horse Sillo purse by Douglas Toys. She got the horse and loves it. Great for the girly girl!



image from


The Peg Perégo John Deere Gator. Our new love. It’s powerful enough to go up hills, and Blair loves it!


image from


Those are some of our favorite toys! I noticed when making this list, that almost all of these things have grown well with her – I’m making a note to self to look for that in our future purchases. What are some of the best play things your toddlers have?! I’m looking for great ideas too!


Candi James said...

What a nice idea Ashlee! Listing Blair's favorite things!!!

I am sorry, I have no toddlers, but Josie the Beagle has spent many an hour chewing her squirrel from Publix and her Snoopy, loves her tennis ball and dirty socks too :-)

Can't wait to see what Santa brings Blair this year! Give her a squeeze from me!